Look of the day

Caroline Issa, London Fashion Week, February 2013


What is the secret to layering one's garments well? Generally it's to do with proportion, texture and a certain kind of artful un-done aesthetic. Not everybody can pull it off without looking, well, sloppy. Not that I have a problem with looking sloppy, but you know, time and place. Caroline Issa, fashion editor, street style star and general impossibly stylish person is one such person who can pull off layering with aplomb. There's a lot of texture with the leather coat atop the sheer dress and the cropped jacket. But it works because of that very reason, there's a lot going on but each has its own thing going on. You know? The playful experimenting with proportions is balanced out by precise tailoring. Plus, those riotous pom pom heels could lift any old outfit.



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