Look of the day

Gracie Otto, AACTA Awards, January 2013


Remember how in Bridget Jones' Diary Bridget's mother was always after her to "get her colours done". Finding out if you were a 'warm' or 'cool' person was once the height of sartorial aspiration. And while yes indeed there are colours that aren't terribly flattering to one's visage, the rules have relaxed some. How else do you explain chartreuse. And how also do you explain how hot darn good Gracie Otto looks in it. Chartreuse is not an easy colour to wear. It helps if the said item is from Gucci, and a fluid, silky, frilly number as demonstrated here. But really, so long as a colour doesn't make you look like death warmed up (or even if it does and you simply love it well then carry on) you should wear whatever colour you fancy. Chartreuse most definitely encouraged.

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