Look of the day

Clemence Poesy, Sideaction gala dinner, January 2013


Some people are awfully good at looking insouciant in all things sartorially inclined. These are the people that can wear biker boots, or manage that half tucked-in t-shirt look which looks otherwise alarming on most, or dressing down when everybody else is dressing up. Proper insouciance is really about dressing exactly how you feel and not giving a fig about what anybody thinks. Clemence Poesy is particularly good at this. And this is a great example of how to do this. To be perfectly honest though, it helps if you are Clemence Poesy in pulling this one off. The clumpy ankle boots paired with the skinny jeans, the untucked shirt, the strewn on jacket. All pulled in by that incredibly bomby knocker purse. Artful insouciance indeed.



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