Look of the day

Natalia Vodianova, Paris Haute Couture collections, January 2013


Getting dressed for the haute couture collections must be awfully tricky. I mean, what on earth does one wear to shows that celebrate the exquisite, the sublime and the truly outrageous and utterly unwearable? An anteloupe on one's head? A body suit? An evening gown made of unicorn tears? Well, you could. Or you could go the complete opposite direction and opt for the less is more option. Which is really a jolly good way to approach fashion generally. That and choosing things that you love and that suit you. Anyway, Natalia Vodianova went the simple route and this sleek, long-line man-style tuxedo is a total winner. With its clean lines and beautiful tailoring, this look needs little else. Though the killer pumps certainly help.



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