Look of the day

Rachel Weisz, Deep Blue Sea screening, January 2013


As any stereotype about the saucy librarian (or Ron Swanson's ex-wife Tammy on Parks and Recreation) makes clear, there is something deeply sexy about the prim and proper look. As though any minute they will take off their glasses, shake down their hair and become an utter sex goddess. Now I know this is merely a pervasive fantasy but even still the polished, buttoned up look has a lot going for it. Take this flowery printed, faintly 70s housewife-ish frock worn by Rachel Weisz. It could be frumpy or stitched up but it's not. This is due to Rachel Weisz's general Rachel Weisz-ness, the cinching in of the waist, the excellent clutch and those killer gold and burgundy heels. Just imagine if she had been wearing glasses!



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