Look of the day

Emma Stone, Los Angeles Gangster Squad premiere, January 2012


In a thoroughly enjoyable forensic analysis, Vulture have concluded that Emma Stone in the new mobster flick Gangster Squad is channeling cartoon pin-up Jessica Rabbit. Here is some of the evidence: they both have side parted red hair, they both date wanted men, they both have smoky voices and they're both total babes. Seems pretty solid to me. And Stone appears to be channeling Ms Rabbit once more at the premiere of Gangster Squad. With more than a little va va voom, Stone matches her frock, shoes and handbag in the manner of a glamour from a bygone era. People don't match their accessories anymore! But here it just looks so gosh darn polished and proper movie-star like. The new long bob and bangs are soon to be copied by everyone, and what's more, that is some serious bling. Befitting of someone who most definitely belongs in the hot redheads club.



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