Look of the day

Amanda Seyfried, New York premiere of Les Miserables, December 2012


It's nearly Christmas time, which of course has many meanings. Namely goodwill toward others, swags of pressies, enormous feasts and a traditions galore. It's also the time for bling. Big, sparkly, over the top bling. Because really, when else is it a good thing to be mistaken for a Christmas tree ornament? Never I tell you. Mastering bling is an exercise in restraint. But that said, excess is the name of the game this time of the year so really, there are no rules. Amanda Seyfried has excellent bling in this look. It's gold, it's excessive, it's sparkly. But you know what? It's not too much. And it's tempered by the length of her dress and the sleekness of the rest of her ensemble. Seyried would only ever be mistaken for one of those really posh artisan Christmas ornaments. Not a scrap of tinsel to be seen.



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