Look of the day

Taylor Swift, arriving in Tokyo airport, November 2012


Going by personal experience only, obviously, but getting off a long haul flight replete with furry teeth, stringy hair and smelling as my mother would put it, "woofy", looking chic is not in the equation. However Taylor Swift, and I'm going to call it Pulling a Swifty, has managed the impossible. She's fresh off a long flight and she looks gorgeous in her preppty ensemble. Sure, not everybody can pull off jodphurs with such aplomb but they make for a crisp yet comfortable alternative to jeans/track pants. The genius thing about Swift's shoes is that the red velvet numbers look like slippers but they're legitimate footwear! The egg shell blue ripped knit is ideal aspiring Kennedy garb, and the vintage-esque boxy man-style satchel completes the look. Actually the quick swipe of red lipstick completes the look. When in doubt/feeling like death a swipe of red lipstick is truly the only answer.


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