Look of the day

Liv Tyler, CFDA/Vogue fashion Fund awards, November 2012


There's reason to be somewhat nervous of a busy print. Sometimes they're just too loud, too obnoxious, too unflattering and too gosh darn well busy. But friends, most of the time this fear is unfounded. Unless you are wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the manner of a slovenly tourist abroad there's really nothing worrisome about a busy print. You just need to think about what said print is going to adorn. Best if it's kept to a simple and classic shape, or perhaps one feature piece of the outfit. In this look Liv Tyler is mastering the busy print because a) she's Liv Tyler and b) because the classic shirt dress is the perfect canvas and her accessories are kept simple. The blue hues highlight Tyler's eyes and pale skin, and those gladiator-esque shoes are just quite simply, fabulous.



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