Look of the day

Maximum glamour ...  Gwyneth Paltrow.

Maximum glamour ... Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Michael Buckner

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars, February 2012

Whatever accusation we can throw at Gwynnie - her Goopiness, her habit of singing at any opportunity, the fact that she called her child Apple - she knows how to dress for the red carpet. The 1997 pink frock incident has long been put into the vault.


I rather like the new and improved Gwyneth. As in the one who moans when she eats (reportedly) and smokes the occasional ciggie. The body comes courtesy of personal trainer/dancing coach to the stars, Tracy Anderson, and boy does Gwyneth work it. Her red carpet looks have been consistently excellent of late.


Including this "white-hot" ensemble. The best part about it is of course the dramatic and detachable cape. It could have been a smidge 'virginal Darth Vader' but the precise cut and fit around the shoulder prevents that. Thankfully. Indeed everything about this sleek and structured Tom Ford gown is maximum glamour. It is not a dress to be worn when eating or having fun. So in some ways it belongs to Gwyneth's macrobiotic days but who's being picky? The simple diamond cuff perfectly complements the look and even if Gwyneth suddenly burst into a musical number, I'd be able to forgive her just about anything.