Look book: Jennifer Lawrence

Even before she won the Oscar, fell up the stairs, screamed when Jack Nicholson interrupted her interview and allegedly ordered McDonalds because she was "starving" from the red carpet, just about everybody had declared that they had a lady crush on Jennifer Lawrence. The 22 year-old has the Indie credibility (Winter's Bones) as well as the big budget prowess (Hunger Games) and has an endearing clumsiness/lack of polish/smart beyond her years quality to her. Basically, while poor Anne Hathway is pretty much universally loathed, everybody wants to be friends with JLaw.

Her style tends toward strapless, glitzy, sexy, body conscious showstopper numbers. Mainly because she's mostly snapped at awards night where she is mostly winning. She always looks like a winner, and holding that Oscar aloft in a triumphant fashion calls for frocks that can keep up.

Click through the gallery above for some of our favourite Jennifer Lawrence looks.