Ebay the biggest winner out of Gatsby

A scene from <i>Gatsby</i>

A scene from Gatsby Photo: Supplied

After the most frustratingly drawn-out teaser-riddled lead-up to a film release ever, Baz Luhrmann’s colour- and glitter-saturated adaptation of The Great Gatsby is finally hitting our screens.

And fans are gearing up for the May 30 release by ensconcing themselves in Gatsby-era fashions  – from wearing collections inspired by the film’s 1920s aesthetic to buying into official collaborations. (We also fear a sharp rise in women wearing bejewelled headbands across the middle of their foreheads – stop it.)

According to Fashionista, eBay has been the biggest benefiter of all the hype, experiencing an increase of more than 540% gross merchandise volume in “Gatsby”-tagged women’s clothing items.

The site has seen a 112% increase in the term “Gatsby”, a 333% increase in searches for 1920s headpieces and a 137% increase in searches for beaded purses since 2010, when the film was first announced.


These crazy numbers are no surprise given the number of Gatsby-themed costume parties hitting Facebook, not to mention bridal trends, including art deco cakes and embroidered Etsy wares making the rounds on the internet. Among the frenzy, searches for 1920s-style wedding dresses have also increased 180% – for it seems everyone wants their very own Jay Gatsby-Daisy Buchanan fantasy union, minus the bloody ending.

The word “Gatsby” itself seems to add as much fashion capital to a listing as a designer name, so if you’re ever wanted to hawk grandma’s old drop waist dresses or that fringed shift you bought at the height of Underbelly: Squizzy fame, now’s the time to do it.