Clothes from fashion week that you can wear to work

Picking out clothes from the catwalk that everyday people can wear in everyday situations can sometimes be a tall order. Just because those bra tops and thigh splits look splendid and dramatic on catwalk models does not mean that they're the right thing to wear for your meeting with George from accounts. You know? That said, this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week had plenty of trends that are appropriate for the office. From the new suiting presented by the likes of Christopher Esber and Ginger and Smart to the cropped trousers at Lisa Ho, working 9-5 has never been so fashionable.

Key trends from fashion week that you can wear to the office

Modern suiting - from electric blue to dazzling prints at Ginger & Smart, Alex Perry's sleek tuxedoes, cropped, and Manning Cartells rounded jackets, designers played with cut, colour and shape in suiting, creating plenty of stylish options for the modern lady.

Black and white- monochrome equals instant smartness. By Jonny and Manning Cartell played with checks and shapes in timeless black and white, creating classic looks with just enough twist.


Sheer - sure it's a super sexy look sans undergarments, but for the office the donning of a singlet or petticoat means that these fashionably forward blouses can be worn in the cubicle. Alice McCall, Kate Sylvester and Karla Spetic did see-through stylishly.

Cropped trousers - the cropped trouser is a great length for the office. For one thing, it can show case your shoes, but it also creates a bit of a difference in a sea of pump length hems. Lisa Ho's metallic numbers, and Christopher Esber's pedal pusher lengths are made for the office.

Other trends to dabble with - don't be afraid of a bold print that you can pare back with classic suiting, a touch of metallic, especially in a slightly less corporate office never hurt anybody and never underestimate the power of a pencil skirt and blouse.

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