Celebrity style, on and off the red carpet

In these Instagrammed, smart phoned, 24 hour news cycle times it must be awfully difficult to be a celebrity. No longer can you just be 'on'- and stylist prepped - when strutting the red carpet, but at any moment as you go about doing normal everyday things you could be accosted by someone wielding a camera phone.

This means that many celebrities have adoped something of a uniform when 'off duty' but not not really off duty. It usually includes a variation of skinny leg jeans, quality basics such as t-shirts and well-cut blazers, battered biker boots or ballet flats and fedoras. Always a fedora.

To be a proper off-duty celebrity you must also wear over-sized sunglasses or Ray Bans and a top notch tote bag that could well fit the kitchen sink is also necessary.

There are some celebrities who never switch off - it will be sad day when Victoria Beckham is in flats or Beyonce dons a sloppy joe. Others such as Michelle Williams have made the quirky cool hipster vibe their own.


We've charted some of our favourite celebrities on and off-duty, from uber glamour on the red carpet to chic casual ensembles in the daytime. Click through the gallery above for celebrities who get it right from day to eve.