Simone Mitchell

Simone Mitchell

Simone Mitchell is Domain's Home & Lifestyle Editor

Look of the Day

Look of the Day

Simone Mitchell Kate Hudson makes a blue denim embroidered dress work. Well played!

Gender swap

When men pose the same way women do in American Apparel ads


Simone Mitchell A great way to illustrate the clothing company's sexist double standards.

Christy Turlington has still got it

Simone Mitchell She first modelled for Calvin Klein in 1987. Now the fashion house has announced that the 44-year old is returning to front their lingerie campaign for autumn/winter 2013. What is she, a wizard??

Simone Mitchell

Check out who's on board for Saint Laurent's new campaign

Simone Mitchell Basically, they've recruited some of the 'edgiest' celebs around and taken arty black and white photos of them. Fashion, sometimes we just don't ... get you.

Look of the day

Look of the day

Simone Mitchell Nina Dobrev shows us there's no reason to be afraid of a bright pink frock.

Fashion fails

Unintentionally amusing moments from London Men's Fashion Collection


Simone Mitchell And you thought Ben Stiller's Zoolander was an over-the-top parody ...

High achievers

Best red carpet dresses of 2012

red carpet

Simone Mitchell Ladies, we are officially envious of your frocks.

Celebrity style

Look of the day


Simone Mitchell Rachel Bilson, AKA "she who can't put a sartorial foot wrong".

Look of the day

Look of the day


Simone Mitchell Nicole Ritchie does flapper-glam, reminds us how keen we are to see The Great Gatsby.

Bad fashion

Questionable racewear from around the world


Simone Mitchell We're sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Brad Pitt's new Chanel ad


Simone Mitchell Brad Pitt is the first male to lend his handsome face to the iconic women's fragrance. Look at him staring moodily at that bottle, would you?

Ultimate Underwear

Stella McCartney unveils new affordable lingerie line


Simone Mitchell In addition to McCartney's high-end line of lingerie, the brand is releasing a selection of lower priced underthings this August.

Celeb Style

Look of the Day

Simone Mitchell Anne who? It's Marion Cotillard's turn to shine at the UK premiere of The Dark Knight Rises.

Celeb Style

Look Of The Day


Simone Mitchell Aussie actor Rachael Taylor makes a brave fashion choice, but manages to pull it off. Well played!