Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee-Joe is Daily Life's Fashion Writer

Will big diamonds give way to boutique sparklers?

Kathleen Lee-Joe The Count of Monte Cristo proposed with a piece of string. Homer Simpson with an onion ring. Are big fat diamond rings going out of style?

Kick It

How cool girls do formal wear

Kathleen Lee-Joe Behold, this is how cool girls do formal wear.

Suit Up

Lena Dunham explores LGBTQ fashion in new doco 'Suited'

Lena Dunham has tried to separate herself from Hannah from <i>Girls</i>, though there are definitely overlaps between her and her semi-autobiographical character. Ditto her character in <i>Tiny Furniture</i>.

Kathleen Lee-Joe "For a lot of people, with all kinds of bodies or identities, clothes can make or break every day of their lives."

Beauty in Diversity

Maybelline signs I-Hua Wu as first Asian global ambassador

Kathleen Lee-Joe She joins the likes of Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn and Tanzanian model Herieth Paul.

Purple Legacy

Chanel Iman pays fashion tribute to Prince for Harper's Bazaar

Kathleen Lee-Joe The model dons some of his most iconic looks, from Purple Rain and Dirty Mind to Plectrumelectrum.

Muslim Fashion

International Modest Fashion Week takes place in Turkey

Kathleen Lee-Joe Because there's so much more to modesty wear than covering up.

Cute & Comfy

5 flats that are even dressier than your work heels

Kathleen Lee-Joe Throw away those stilettos, and make room under your bed for these stylish steppers.

Advanced Style

Vogue features first 100-year-old model to mark its centenary

Kathleen Lee-Joe "I dress to suit myself – I certainly don't dress up for boys!"

Love Bravery

Lady Gaga and Elton John collaborate on charity-driven clothing line

Covet-worthy clutch.

Kathleen Lee-Joe We already want that piano key clutch so bad.

Ruffles Rule

Everyone is wearing ruffles this season

Ellery/Style du Monde

Kathleen Lee-Joe And you can too - here's how to look less Liberace circa 1985 and more Gucci circa now.

Ethical bride

Where to buy wedding dresses that are ethical and affordable

An eco-conscious wedding dress by LA's Reformation, boasting an elegant low back.

Kathleen Lee-Joe Because every bride should go through her day looking and feeling gorgeous while keeping a clear conscience.

Wonder Woman

Valentino's Wonder Woman-themed collection packs a punch

Kathleen Lee-Joe All that's missing is the lasso.

Kenzo x Disney

Kenzo x The Jungle Book creates dream clothing collaboration

Kathleen Lee-Joe For one, Shere Khan replaces the tiger on the brand's signature sweatshirt.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles has opened the e-commerce store of your dreams

Saint Heron's curator of cool, Solange Knowles.

Kathleen Lee-Joe Their brand mission? "Diversity in design."

Aerie Man

Aerie launches body-positive underwear adverts for men


Kathleen Lee-Joe Meet Doug, Devon, Matthew and Kelvin. Let's watch them together, in all their under-clothed glory …

Hoodies redux

How fashion has come to embrace the humble hoodie

Yes, hoodies are totally acceptable Paris Fashion Week attire. Leaf Greener says so.

Kathleen Lee-Joe We love it when fashion trends fall in line with our existing closets.

Mature Models

60-year-old model stars in stunning swimsuit campaign

Yazemeenah Rossi, 60, pulls ballet-inspired poses in the photo shoot for The Dreslyn x Land of Women.

Kathleen Lee-Joe The portrait photographer, artist, actress, model and grandmother-of-two got her big break when she was 45.

Muslim Fashion

Marks & Spencer release 'burkinis' in the UK

The three-piece 'burkini', released in the lead-up to British summer by Marks & Spencer.

Kathleen Lee-Joe And the Daily Mail readers just can't cope ...

Brawn Beauty

The rise of the plus-size male model

Kathleen Lee-Joe There are already modelling agencies dedicated to larger and average-bodied female models, but there hasn't been a male equivalent – until now.

Freetown Fashpack

Watch: Fashpack: Freetown, the doco series on Sierra Leonean street style

We talk to Freetown Fashpack blogger Jo Dunlop about her latest project.

Kathleen Lee-Joe We catch up with its creator and presenter, Jo Dunlop.