12 body-positive fashion Instagrams to follow now

Women above the sample-size 'norm', fed up with being sidelined by the notoriously body-shaming fashion industry, are using Instagram as a platform to showcase their love for dressing up.

Their goal is not to be radical, or to find clothes that 'disguise' their curves, but to document themselves looking ah-mazing in pieces that are actually covetable, trendy and made for their bodies.

While mainstream fashion repeatedly favours the pin-thin and towering, we're thankful for these body-positive bloggers offering an alternative perspective. Wherever they sit on the size spectrum, they're promoting acceptance, confidence and have a helluva lot of style.

Click forth, 'like' them, be inspired and surround yourself with their messages of empowerment. Whatever your style, your niche, or your look, there's an account to play up to a world of different tastes, all setting an example for any woman who's ever questioned her ability to 'pull off' a trend she admires.