Summer Beauty Secrets

Intimacy at the beach!

Intimacy at the beach!

Well, all right! Your end-of-year break is finally here. The last thing you feel like doing is spending too much time on your beauty routine. Here are five tips to help you pare back, cover up and say goodbye to anything high maintenance for the summer holiday.

1. The Mane Event
Humidity, sun, chlorine and salt water can all take a serious toll on your strands. If you’re planning on hitting the beach, pack a hair treatment mask or leave-in conditioner in your beach bag that you can comb through your hair in-between swims to de-tangle knots and re-hydrate the hair. 

2. Read My Lips
When it comes to sun care, the pucker is often forgotten territory. To prevent sun damage, make the switch to a conditioning lip balm containing SPF that you can wear solo, or layer under your lipstick or gloss for protection. Try: QV Lip balm SPF 30, $5.15


3. Go easy on the bronzer
Although bronzer is the fastest way to get your fake glow on, applying too much product will only leave the skin looking mottled. For natural definition keep the product concentrated on the areas where the sun naturally kisses the skin, such as along the top of the cheekbones, above the brow bone and down the centre of the nose. 

4.Fresh Pickings
Rich, powdery scents can be a tad overpowering in the warmer months. Put your gourmand and oriental fragrances on the backburner for summer and make the switch to a crisp, floral number– unlike musk or wood-based scents, citrus notes won’t turn sour in the heat. Or, if the idea of abandoning your signature scent leaves you feeling a little rattled, use the matching body lotion during the day and keep the fragrance for after five.

5. My chemical Romance
Chlorine can turn blonde hair green and leave dark hair looking brassy and dull. To minimise damage, saturate your hair with fresh tap water before jumping in the pool. Just like a sponge, your hair can only absorb so much water, so saturating it first will minimise the intake of chlorinated water. Hot tip: if there’s no outdoor shower handy, use a spray bottle – you can pick one up from your local supermarket or hardware store for around $3 – that you can keep in your swimming bag to use throughout the day.