How to: Hide a hangover with makeup

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Photo: Fred Duval

Here are few relatively effortless makeup tips to help you fake your way through the next day. Prevent puffiness. Along with salty foods and caffeine, alcohol can also increase fluid retention in the body. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated on one extra pillow will help to minimise puffiness. Then the next morning, simply apply a cold compress for ten minutes before patting on an eye cream. Our vote goes to Ella Bache Fruit d’Eclat Roll-On Eye Contour Serum, $75, which boasts a nifty ball applicator that’s designed to cool the skin on contact.




1. Say goodbye to matte. Anything powder-based will only exaggerate parched-looking skin so stick with crème formulas that leave the skin with a dewy glow. Hot tip: always apply your blush along the top of the cheekbone. It not only lifts the face, but wearing blush nearer to the eyes also makes the whites of the eyes pop.

 2.  Stay on high ground: Wearing heavy eye liner and mascara on the bottom lash line will only exaggerate dark circles and drag down your features. Pep tired eyes by blending a neutral but slightly shimmery crème eye shadow up to the brow bone before lining the bottom water line with a peach or flesh-toned pencil. Try: Benefit Eye Bright, $37.

3. All that shimmers is golden. Although we’re forever banging on about the virtues of bold lipstick, it’s best to avoid wearing punchy shades on dry, chapped lips. For a low-maintenance look, stick with a slightly shimmery soft peach or golden gloss – unlike a flat gloss, the hint of shimmer helps to bounce light off the skin to create the illusion of a fuller-looking pucker. Try: Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Gloss, $40,

A few extra handy hangover tips to consider…

 *Always double cleanse after a night on the dance floor. The first is essential to remove makeup, perspiration and oil, while the second actually cleanses the skin. The same rule applies for your hair.

*The big cover up. When applied to dry skin a solid concealer will only exaggerate fine lines. For lasting coverage, use a liquid concealer such as Clinique All About Eyes Concealer, $36,, that you can reapply throughout the day without creasing.