Beauty advice from the Old Spice Guy

I'm on a horse ... a still from the original Old Spice ad.

I'm on a horse ... a still from the original Old Spice ad.

Isaiah Mustafa, the actor more commonly known as ‘The Old Spice Guy’, came to public attention after his hilarious performance as a tongue-in-cheek dream man in an Old Spice advertisement went viral. It’s currently sitting on more than 46 million views, but if you aren’t one of those 46 million, please see the video above...

How could we not develop a mild crush on a guy who had ‘tickets to that thing you love’? HE’S ON A HORSE! Anyway, the man your man could smell like is currently in Australia to celebrate the relaunch of Old Spice here, so we thought we’d corner him to find out what pearls of manly wisdom he had to share about smelling good and looking fine. He was also very kind about our confusingly phrased questions...

How many towels does a person need in their beauty routine?

It depends on how dirty you’re getting. I wear a towel all the time, that’s my normal thing. But I would say you need three. You need a hand towel, a face towel and then also a body towel.


So you don’t have a linen closet full of them?

Unfortunately no. I am gaining a collection though right now.

What should a man smell like?

Hmm... I’ve been asked this before today and I want to give you something different. Can we come back? Let me mull on that for a second.

Sure. Stealing your boyfriend’s deodorant – for or against?

I’m all for that. Because I’ve smelled Old Spice on a woman and it doesn’t smell bad. I mean don’t get me wrong, the woman was my daughter, she’d just gotten done playing in the backyard and I made her put it on – but it smelled good.

What’s your favourite make-up look on a woman?

Light and natural. Although, and I know it’s not new but for whatever reason it feels new to me, this new smoky eyes thing you guys got going on... It’s like a good surprise.

Do you have a favourite hairstyle?

Not at all. Bring something new to the table, try something out. Everybody has a way of expression and I think hairstyles are one of those ways. Whatever you’re doing with your hair is cool with me.

The eternal question – soap or body wash?

It seems to me that body wash lasts a little longer. A little goes a long way on a sponge or cloth, but the bar soap you’re constantly rubbing it away, so the friction is causing it to go. I’d stay with the body wash. And you can use it in your hair too as makeshift shampoo if you don’t have any.

Is it hard to apply deodorant on a horse?

Is it hard to apply what now?

Is it hard to apply deodorant while you’re on a horse?

Deodorant on a horse?

While you’re on a horse, not to a horse.

Oh, while you’re on a horse! Okay, I was like ‘Wow’. I’ve just been asked what was the weirdest question you’ve been asked and you’d have won, you would’ve gotten the belt. (Laughs) No, not at all, it’s pretty easy. You just do it.

Since becoming the Old Spice guy what question do you most get asked on the street?

Do you use Old Spice? Do you smell like Old Spice? Can I smell you? Do you really ride a horse? The typical one that people think is really funny is “Where’s your horse?” usually with just the person who asked the question laughing.

So what’s your go-to answer?

He’s all tied up, couldn’t make it today. Or valet took him.

And what do you say if they ask to smell you?

I say yeah, go right ahead. Take a whiff!

So, I might go back to how should a man smell?

A man should smell like a gold medal performance. (Laughs)

And what should a woman smell like?

A woman should smell like a devil may care attitude, how about that?

I like that. Do you have a favourite scent on a woman?

Any kind of floral scent is nice. Also shampoo, sometimes you catch a little whiff of that and you’re like, “Ooh, that was fresh!”