Alexa Chung reclines on a bed of kale in the name of beauty

Alexa Chung reclines on a bed of kale, grasping a giant bottle of nail varnish in her manicured paws. According to our sources (i.e. Instagram), the model has followed in Poppy Delevingne’s footsteps, becoming the face of London-based Nails Inc. and its new range of “texture based shades” dubbed ‘Nail Kale’. 

It’s no surprise Chung has been snapped up for yet another beauty collaboration, just months after she put her name to Eyeko’s cat-eye kit. After all, the model is famous for, well, being really, really cool. But it’s not like kale needs the extra exposure. 

With no further information available, we can only assume the varnishes provide nails with a good dose of fibre and general smug sense of wellbeing.


But that’s not all. According to Chung’s Instagram feed she is also the face of another Nail Inc. collection, set to debut on August 6. 

These six hues are fabric-inspired – such as the grey-beige “Alexa Cashmere” and party-ready black and gold “Alexa Sequin” – and will be presented in a new bottle designed by French art director Fabien Baron.

Source: Fashionista