Watch how makeup has changed throughout history

Unibrows were popular in Ancient Greece.

Makeup trends have changed dramatically over the years. Which look will be next?

Cosmetic comedy

The beauty industry has run out of makeup names

Kathleen Lee Joe The 'Out of Makeup Names' video by The Punch sheds light on how beauty products get given such bizarre monikers.

Best match

The best makeup for darker skin tones

Kathleen Lee Joe ‘Mocha’ and ‘Cocoa’ should be more than just an afterthought.

Online beauty

Why you shouldn't buy makeup on eBay

Kathleen Lee Joe Here's what you should know if you're searching the WWW for a beauty bargain.

Manly makeup

This video of men putting on makeup for the first time is surprisingly sweet

Kathleen Lee Joe "I feel so f--king beautiful right now."

Movie makeup

Movies that deserve their own makeup collections


Kathleen Lee Joe The possibilities are endless!

Beauty PSA

Stop everything and clean your makeup brushes now

Kathleen Lee Joe A ten-minute cleanup could save you from all sorts of unspeakable horrors.

Halloween how-tos

10 makeup tutorials that’ll have you winning Halloween

Kathleen Lee Joe ‘Tis the season to experiment with makeup and let your inner freak flag fly!


The Downton Abbey makeup tutorial starring Lady Edith

Kathleen Lee Joe Lisa Eldridge, top makeup artist and YouTube star, teamed up with actress Laura Carmichael to create a makeup tutorial based on her Downton Abbey character.

Mature makeup

A handy guide to menopausal makeup


Kathleen Lee Joe While there’s an abundance of information on what foods to eat and what herbal supplements to take during menopause, there’s not a whole lot dedicated to looking gorgeous for a Saturday night out.

Gucci beauty

Gucci reveals plans to launch a makeup collection

Effie Mann Can you guess who its chic ambassador will be?

Beauty basics

Mastering the no-makeup look

Eliza Ashe Don't be fooled. A lot of effort (and product) goes into looking this au naturel.

Make-up tricks

How to apply makeup when you wear glasses


Eliza Ashe Open your eyes with these make-up tricks.

Edible Make up?

Edible makeup

Nicole Elphick And it's 100% not gross!

Make-up free zones

Women are wearing less makeup than they used to

BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 04:  A model waiting backstage ahead of the Schumacher Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014at Brandenburg Gate on July 4, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.|  (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Nicole Elphick But why are they still buying so much of it?

Cat's eye makeup

The new way to do cat's eye makeup

Nicole Elphick This look is just as sexy, but allows for a little bit of pleasant smudginess.

Charlotte Tilbury

When a famous makeup artist launches her own line

Nicole Elphick As is the case with Charlotte Tilbury, awesome things can happen.

Makeup Ads Reveal True Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep


Andrea Romano These "camo confessions" are quite moving.

Expert tips

MBFWA makeup tips for when you're running out the door

Kathleen Lee Joe What to slap on when you’re running out the door (or in between work drinks and your last meeting for the day)? MBFWA makeup artists have the answers.


The Truth About Stars 'Without Makeup'

Elle TN

Natalie Reilly If a female celebrity poses without makeup, (or clothes) can we still call it 'brave'?

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