High art and beauty collide

Skin company Aesop is calling it a ‘new juncture for science and beauty’ and it’s certainly very pretty. Entitled Morphē this three and a half minute short film is directed by Lucy McRae - an Australian born artist (and um... self-described ‘body architect’) currently dwelling in Amsterdam. According to the press release, ‘the meditative, lusciously hued film bears obvious allusions to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty.’ But according to us it’s like Bjork crept into Stanley Kubrick’s brain to re-enact that part in Austin Powers where he defrosts. Remember? With all the goo? Well, this isn’t goo – it’s a collection of the finest hair and skin crèmes available to humans! It’s just that they’re being dispersed in a very All is Full of Love type way.





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Australian artist, designer and self-described body architect Lucy McRae and skin care company Aesop collaborate to create this short Film.