Up Do's

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is working The Wrap.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is working The Wrap. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain

Although I’m forever banging on about the latest hair trends, I tend to wear my hair the same way – that’s pulled back into a low ponytail, day-in, day-out. After all, it’s the perfect solution for reviving day old hair, it's light on product and stays looking polished well into the evening. but if you're getting sick of your own standard pony, here are four new takes on the world’s most versatile hairstyle for you to try now. 

The wrap 
If there’s one styling trick that can take a less than average-looking pony from zero to hero in a flash, it’s the wrap. For the non-initiated, it’s essentially a slicked-back ponytail topped off with a section of hair wrapped around the neck of the pony to conceal the hair elastic. 

Hot tip: A good all-rounder, adding a wrap will set off just about any style from a deep side part to a messy post-beach pony.

Rose Byrne rocks the Side Step.

Rose Byrne rocks the Side Step. Photo: Jeffrey Ufberg

Get the look: Once you’ve tied the hair back, simply grab a small section of hair from the pony and wrap it around the elastic before securing with a bobby pin or two.



The Side Step
Unlike the cheerleader-high side pony that defined the ‘80s, this time around it’s all about wearing the hair below ear level with a deep side part. 

Teresa Palmer works - what else? - the Textured Teresa.

Teresa Palmer works - what else? - the Textured Teresa. Photo: Jeff Vespa

Hot tip: Perfect for weekend wear, it also works a treat teamed with a face-framing French braid or a slightly off-centred part for a less preppy, more cocktail-friendly feel.

Get look: For the same volume-packed pony as Rose’s, blow-dry your hair upside down and lightly tease the lengths before pulling the hair back into the pony. 

The textured Teresa
Half glossy, half matte, dual-textured hair as it’s officially called is all about pairing shiny roots with wispy, fuss-free ends for contrast. 

Hot tip: If you’ve got naturally curly hair, you can still pull off the look by sweeping the ends into a messy bun.

Get the look: For a bump-free top end, load the roots with hair gel before combing the hair into a low pony at the nape of the neck. Then simply spritz the pony with a generous amount of sea salt spray and blow-dry the lengths using your hands to boost texture. 

The Curtain Sweep

Get the look: Admittedly, it’s the most labour intensive pony of the pack but luckily we’ve narrowed the look down to four simple steps:

  1. You want slinky smooth hair so start by treating your locks to a quick once over with the straightening iron to boost shine.

  2. Although it’s subtle, the added height at the crown sets off the style so spend 30 seconds backcombing the top section using a tail comb.

  3. To create the look, you’ll need to build the ponytail in sections. Start by releasing the two front sections that will be used to create the side detailing before pulling the rest of the hair back into a pony.

  4.  Then to create the curtain-like detailing on the sides, simply sweep each section down toward the ear before securing the ends into the pony using a separate hair elastic.