Four ways with ponytails

Kate Bosworth and her slick, straight pony.

Kate Bosworth and her slick, straight pony. Photo: Jeffrey Mayer

Low ponytails are popping up on catwalks and red carpets all over (yes, that thing you do right after the gym is suddenly fashionable). It’s always nice when you realise you are accidentally bang on trend, right? But to make sure it looks intentional rather than simply motivated by wanting to hide bad hair, here are a few of the best nape-hugging looks we’ve seen that would adapt just as easily to be workplace or after-work friendly.

1.Sleek and simple

If you really want your low ponytail to be clean and chic take a minute to flat iron the ends. It will elevate the entire look – Kate Bosworth shows how it’s done. If you are already blessed with naturally pin-straight hair this is the look that will work perfectly for you.

Blake Lively and her artfully messy ponytail.

Blake Lively and her artfully messy ponytail. Photo: Jim Spellman



2.Full and fluffy

For those of us with naturally messy (ahem, we mean textured) hair you might as well work with what you’ve got. Tease it even further to get a similar style to what Blake Lively wore on the red carpet earlier this year. Stick a few hot ironed waves in if you feel so inclined. Don’t worry if you can’t get it perfect, that’s kind of the point...

Beyonce at this year's GRAMMY Awards.

Beyonce at this year's GRAMMY Awards. Photo: Kevin Mazur


3.The half and half

We love this mulletish version from Alexander Wang – sleek and business-like at the front, somewhat messy party at the back! Comb the top half and slick down with hairspray or hair oil to prevent flyaways, then let your frizz flag fly free at the back (or use a hair texturising spray if your hair needs some encouragement to go big).


4.Wrap it

And the fastest way to make your low ponytail look intentional is also incredibly simple. Simply wrap one strand from the ponytail around the elastic you’ve used to hold it, and you can either then secure with a bobby pin (pin at the bottom of the ponytail and weave the bobby pin into the hair above so it will be hidden) or if you have dextrous fingers you can just stick it back through the hair elastic once you’ve wrapped it. It’s also good for those annoying moments when the only hair tie you have is some neon pink monstrosity that you’re not even sure how you came to possess. Beyonce wore this low pony with a twist style at the Grammys this year and where Queen Bey goes, why shouldn’t we follow?