Chop and change

Aussie model Jessica Hart rocks the '90s flick.

Aussie model Jessica Hart rocks the '90s flick.

Forget about splurging on a new pair of heels. Putting a little extra effort into your mop means you can throw on any old outfit and still look presentable. Here are three red carpet-approved trends to try now. 

The ‘90s Flick

The inspiration: Jessica Hart, Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart.

Why you’ll love it: Switching your part is the perfect way to stretch an extra day or two out of your heat-styling efforts. Plus it’s all about embracing natural texture so you can get away with using next to no product.


Get the look: The grittier the hair, the greater the hold so try spritzing a sea salt spray through the roots before leaving the product to air dry. For the same dishevelled-looking part as Kristen’s, ditch the tail comb and use your hands to flip the part to the opposite side before leaving the front layers to fall naturally.  

The Single Hue

The inspiration: Marion Cotillard, Natalie Portman and Taylor Tomasi-Hill  

Why you’ll love it: Worn-in-looking highlights have had their time in the sun as solid colours prepare for a major comeback. Block shading, or single process colour, as it’s officially called, involves applying one colour from the roots to the tips to create a smooth, uniform finish. In other words, it’s cheaper, less drying and keeps the hair looking shinier for longer.

What to ask for: A one dimensional, all-over colour. You can’t go wrong with rich shades like chocolate brown or caramel. If you’re blonde, asking the stylist to shade the colour so that it’s slightly darker on the roots will soften the appearance of regrowth.

Backcombing is, uh, back.

The inspiration: Felicity Jones and Lana Del Rey.  

Why you’ll love it: It will last you all night – no matter how much dancing you do. As with any teased-out style, just remember to comb out the volume before your hit the shower to avoid knotting the roots.

Get the look: With a tail-comb and travel-sized can of hair spray. Start by teasing the hair at the crown before clipping back the top layers which you want to keep shiny and smooth. Once you’re set on the amount of volume, try pulling the hair back into a polished pony tail or relaxed half up ‘do for a sexy tousle.