Road Test: New GHD


What is it? The most famous brand in hair straightening has returned with a new product promising sleeker hair faster. 

How much is it? $300. Go to 

What does it claim to do? Apparently when it comes to pin straight – but still healthy-feeling – locks, 185 is the magic number. The researchers at ghd found that 185 degrees is the optimum temperature to easily style hair in one stroke without damaging the hair’s keratin protein, so the styler uses six sensors in the heating plates to maintain that constant level of heat. It’s also designed to be able to wrangle even hard-to-handle textures like thick, curly and frizzy hair, which absorb more heat and therefore need a styler that can maintain a steady temperature. Rather impressively the product has undergone over 5000 hours of testing to ensure consistent performance as well as being trialed on more than 150 women with a diversity of hair types. 


What does it actually do? My interest in this tool was kindled by the fact it claims you can take larger sections than usual for ‘single stroke styling’. My hair straightening 'technique' basically consists of taking large clumps of hair, dragging them through and then getting into a huff when they aren’t ‘60s Cher straight. Could this be the styler of my lazy lady dreams?


The Eclipse has definitely been designed for busy lifestyles. Not only does it heat up within mere seconds, it even beeps ever so thoughtfully to let you know when it’s done. The styler straightened quickly and left my hair soft, not fried, and I’ve never used a straightener that lets hair glide so easily through the plates. And yes, it was even able to tame the enormous clumps of thick wavy hair I shoved into it. The Eclipse does come with a hefty price tag, but it delivers in quality. 

The verdict: Will near instantly put you on the straight and narrow. 5 stars.