Road Test: Joico Instant refresh


What is it? It's called Joico Instant Refresh and it's your garden variety, spray-on dry shampoo - with one important difference: it sprays on clear.  


How much is it? $25.95. Go to




What does it claim to do? Brunettes rejoice! Finally, there's a dry shampoo that doesn't make you look like you're an extra in Amadeus. For what seems like centuries - centuries I tell you! - dry shampoos have been spraying a thick, white, powdery mist to reinvigorate your hair when you can't get a hold of a shampoo bottle - perfect for anyone with lighter hair, (the powder gives blonds a colour boost and disguises dirt at the same time). But disastrous for anyone with a shade darker than honey. There was, of course, the short-lived dry shampoo that sprayed on 'brunette', which I tried, but that felt akin to being sprayed with dirt and caused an unholy mess in my bathroom. The people at Joico claim that the mist is undetectable when applied and leaves hair soft, textured and volumised. It also claims to absorb excess oil and revive hair.  


What does it actually do? Well, it smells lovely but it's not completely undetectable. If I looked in the mirror in a certain light I could see just the teensiest streaks of grey. And I'm not talking about the natural stuff, (Hey! I just had my hair coloured last week!) However, when I brushed it in thoroughly the grey all but disappeared and my hair did appear more voluminous. 


The Verdict: While not as crystal clear as the product suggests, it still did the job and that's an improvement on the dry shampoos that have gone before it. 4 stars.