Road Test: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum


Road Test: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion


What is it? This serum aims to reduce signs of aging around the eyes (everyone’s most beloved part of getting older!) and protect from ozone damage.





How much is it? $105. Available at now and in stores from March 3.


What does it claim to do? Growing up I always assumed my figure would be the first to go, so as I’ve aged I got a half pleasant/half rude awakening that while I can still fit into my riot grrrl band shirts from high school, my skin is already showing fine lines and blotchiness – curse my weak Irish genetics! The Aussie environment is not particularly kind to even the hardiest of complexions, so this Estée Lauder serum is one way to defend yourself.

It’s described as a super potent, fast-penetrating eye serum which helps significantly inhibit ozone damage and dramatically reduces the look of every key visible sign of aging. As well as reducing wrinkles, it also targets puffiness, dark circles and uneven skin tone. The serum even boasts over twenty patents worldwide, so it’s kind of like the iPod of eye creams in terms of whiz bang technological hijinks.


What does it actually do? This is a very nice eye serum (as you’d expect for the price.) It’s extremely lightweight and sinks in almost instantly so you can layer another eye cream on top of it if you also need heavier artillery in your beauty arsenal. It has a pleasant cooling sensation upon application (remember those days of sticking cucumbers on your eyes to play beauty parlour?) And as claimed I did notice the very, very welcome sight of a smoother appearance around my eyes.  


The verdict: For those of us raging against the crinkling of our eyes this is one way to protect them from the harsh city environment and reverse some of the damage. 5 stars.