MAC Powerchrome eye pencil


What is it? Should you make space in your cosmetics case for MAC’s most recent eye product?


How much is it? $35. Go to




What does it claim to do? These eye pencils are part of MAC’s sultry new make-up collection, Temperature Rising. The four limited edition metallic chrome shades use a “combination of large and small particle pearls to give shimmering, multi-dimensional sparkle”, as if the entire glittering cosmos were contained upon your very eyelids. Oh, and they are ophthalmologist tested.


What does it actually do? This formula is incredibly long wearing. While trialling the pencils I drew a line of each on my hand to check out the colours, then a few minutes later realised I probably shouldn’t go out in public with scrawl hands. I got a tissue and wiped – and the lines didn’t smear in the slightest. Even with soap and water it took some serious scrubbing to remove them.  When I tested them on my actual eyes they easily lasted more than eight hours with little visible difference – this isn’t make-up that will melt away.

The eye pencils can be used either as eyeliner or over the entire lid, but I preferred them as a liner given the intense colour payoff. This new formulation makes application extremely smooth as it’s very creamy and fuss free to work with. The flipside of their longevity is that they aren’t particularly blendable, but since they go on so easily it’s not a grave concern. One small quibble is that the pencils require sharpening rather than just twisting up for more product, and due to the chunky size they won’t fit in a regular-sized eye pencil sharpener. Other than that I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a pencil since I received a 72 pack of Derwents. 

The verdict: A no-smudge, won’t-budge eye pencil.  4 stars.