Beauty basics

The art of choosing the right foundation

Nicole Elphick Finding that dream match can be somewhat of a mission – especially if your complexion is at either extreme of the colour spectrum.

How to go blonde

Thinking of going blonde? Read this first

Nicole Elphick Back away from the bleach, you're going to need to know a few things first.

Beauty muse

Perfect 90s preppy with Cher from Clueless

Nicole Elphick Cher’s style was influenced by nineties minimalism, a fairly pronounced preppy streak and a touch of Beverly Hills glamour.

Switching shampoos

You should be using sulphate-free shampoo

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 29:  Carey Mulligan at the

Nicole Elphick The answer for dry hair, sensitive scalps and vivid colour.

Bathroom luxe

Why not beautify your bathroom?

Nicole Elphick Fancied-up bathroom products needn't just be for holidays.

Curly 'dos

The science of curly hair


Nicole Elphick A shout out to the curly haired women out there - those curls are darn complicated.

Fig season

Beauty products that harness the deliciousness of figs

Nicole Elphick Let's celebrate the ancient fruit beloved by Cleopatra and Buddha.

Manicure tips

At-home mani no-nos

Nicole Elphick Expert tips for perfecting DIY nails.

Budget beauty

Top three chemist cult buys


Nicole Elphick There are plenty of budget beauty buys – but which ones can actually hold their own against their luxe brand counterparts?

Fair-trade beauty

Do you have a fair-trade beauty routine?

Nicole Elphick You probably have fair-trade coffee in your plunger and fair-trade chocolate as a treat, but how about the products you use on your skin?

Camera ready

How to look fabulous in photographs

Nicole Elphick We asked Max May, celebrity hair and makeup artist, to share his tips on the basics of camera-ready beauty...

NYFW nails

Best nails from New York Fashion Week

Nicole Elphick A few designs you may want to recreate during your next TV binge watching session...

Coming up roses

Don't limit yourself to flowers this Valentine's Day

Nicole Elphick Roses are one of the most multitasking, sweet smelling beauty ingredients around.

Beauty muse

Cassandra from Wayne’s World


Nicole Elphick Tia Carrere’s character was indeed a total ‘Babe-raham Lincoln’...

Summer skin

Refresh your summer skin

Nicole Elphick After the sweat, sunscreen and sea salt, your skin needs a little TLC.

Beauty collab

Derek Lam x Estee Lauder is casually luxurious

Nicole Elphick A limited edition five-piece make-up set will be debuted at the designer's Spring 2014 show.

Sleep and wear

Do your hair while you snooze

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 10:  TV Personality / Fashion Designer Whitney Port attends the Diane Von Furstenberg's

Nicole Elphick Wavy hair styles so simple, you can create them in your sleep.

Best brushes

The 4 must-have make-up brushes

Nicole Elphick We asked celebrity make-up artist Rae Morris to help us narrow things down.

Skin check

You need to know about MoleMapping

Nicole Elphick We go road testing to find out exactly how they let you know whether that mole is just a cute freckle or a cause for grave concern.

Hair trends 2014

The newest 'dos for the coming year

michelle williams

Nicole Elphick There’s nothing like the start of a new year to make you re-evaluate your coiffure choices.