Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee-Joe is Daily Life's Fashion Writer

Puffy Eyes

Why Korean women are playing up their under-eye bulges


Kathleen Lee-Joe They call it ‘aegyo-sal’, which roughly translates to ‘eye smiles’ or ‘cute, charming and winsome baby-eye fat’.

Global Beauty

Watch: This is what beauty looks like in 37 countries

Kathleen Lee-Joe Though the mainstream media tends to promote a fairly homogenous look, ‘pretty’ differs wildly depending on where you are in the world.

Gloss Gaffe

Here’s everything wrong with naming a lipgloss ‘Underage’

Kathleen Lee-Joe It's a term one usually associates with the charge of Statutory Rape, not the subtle pink-gold hue left by a swipe of tinted gloss.

Watch: 100 years of Iranian beauty in one video

A modern-day take on Iranian beauty.

Kathleen Lee-Joe A visual tour through the changing roles and rights of women in Iran.

Liner Looks

6 fresh takes on black eyeliner from NYFW


Kathleen Lee-Joe Though we adore the time-honoured winged tip – especially when it’s as precise and perfect as Alexa’s – sometimes it’s fun to try something new.

Pizza Nails

Pizza Hut just released their own nail polishes!

Tasty manicures for all.

Kathleen Lee-Joe And there’s a smorgasbord of tasty shades.

Commuter beauty

Go ahead and apply your makeup on the train

Kathleen Lee-Joe Just as Germaine Greer questioned why we haul our whole handbags into the loo instead of pulling out the individual tampon we need, why isn’t it cool to be open about a routine that everyone...

Bright eyes

How to choose makeup according to your eye colour

Kathleen Lee-Joe Here’s an interesting eye-opener: The key to making your eyes brighter is choosing the right eye makeup, selecting tones that both contrast with and enhance the colour of your irises.

On-screen styles

Epic on-screen 'impulse haircuts'

Keri Russell in Felicity.

Kathleen Lee Joe Ahead, we celebrate the badass beauties who brandish their sassy short-haired (and no-haired) heads like a weapon.

Beauty taboo

How to cure smelly feet

Kathleen Lee Joe Though embarrassing, fear of foot odour ('FOFO'!) is a problem that plagues the best of us. Sweat happens, people, but there are ways to fix it.

Sad face

This has got to be the saddest anti-ageing technique ever

We're laughing on the inside. Promise.

Kathleen Lee Joe This anti-wrinkle tip is nothing to smile about.

Old man cuts

This barber gives 'old-man haircuts' to children who misbehave


Kathleen Lee Joe At your last straw with a kid that’s raising hell? This suburban barbershop has a way to sort them out for good.

90s beauty

The company that brought you Lip Smackers has gone bust (you'll never be young again)

Kathleen Lee Joe Bonne Bell Cosmetics is no more.

Freckle love

Emma Stone drew on freckles for the red carpet

Kathleen Lee Joe Just another reason to embrace yours.

Beauty taboo

How to get rid of ingrown hairs for good

Kathleen Lee Joe Here are our top tips for dealing with those angry, bumpy jerks that sprout up along your bikini line …

Urine therapy

Should you be putting urine on your face?

Kathleen Lee Joe "It's urine therapy darling; it's not to be sniffed at."

Choice suds

5 bar soaps beauty editors love

Kathleen Lee Joe After a long time in beauty exile, bar soaps are finally trendy again.

David Bowie

See 50 years of David Bowie hairstyles in one incredible GIF

David Bowie in 1974.

Kathleen Lee Joe David Bowie has had quite a few ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes over the years, as summed up by this amazing GIF by UK-based illustrator Helen Green.

Unicorn beards

2015 is year of the rainbow beard

2015 is year of the rainbow beard.

Kathleen Lee Joe Wait until Jared Leto gets a load of this …

Cosmetic comedy

The beauty industry has run out of makeup names

Kathleen Lee Joe The 'Out of Makeup Names' video by The Punch sheds light on how beauty products get given such bizarre monikers.