Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee-Joe is Daily Life's Fashion Writer

Spring Racing

How to make your makeup melt-proof

Kathleen Lee-Joe Want to stop your makeup from heading south as the sun goes down? Abide by these tips – just in time for Spring Racing season.

Body Image

The Honest Body Project is the photo series every new mum needs to see

Kathleen Lee-Joe Natalie McCain's real and relatable portraits urge mothers to stand up against the pressure to look perfect.

Ban the bead

5 scrubs that don't contain microbeads

Kathleen Lee-Joe Because smoother skin isn't worth polluting the ocean for.

Chill factor

10 cooling beauty products to beat the heat

Dr. Jart.

Kathleen Lee-Joe Take your head out of the freezer and turn to these products to cut through the heat, stickiness and provide your sweat-slicked skin some refreshing reprieve.

Beauty Diversity

MAC's latest campaign will make you feel serious feels


Kathleen Lee-Joe "I don't need to be a size two … I'm here."


#InMySkinIWin is sending a powerful body-positive message across the internet

Kathleen Lee-Joe "Beauty is you and what you make from your confidence in your own perfectly imperfect body. Together, if we encourage others to love what they see when they look at themselves, we can win in our skin.

Morning After

Looking hungover is apparently now a 'beauty trend'

Kathleen Lee-Joe Good news, boozehounds! Looking worse for wear after a sloshed night on the tiles is the latest beauty look du jour at New York Fashion Week!

Diverse beauty

This mesmerising video proves beauty comes in many forms

Kathleen Lee-Joe Sephora and i-D have teamed up to create The A-Z of Beauty Together, a video that showcases the beauty rituals of different subcultures.

Seeing Red

This stunning photo series proves redheads aren't always white

The MC1R series

Kathleen Lee-Joe There's much mythology surrounding redheads, but one of the biggest modern-day assumptions would have to be that all redheads are white.

Natural Hair

Watch the natural #hairspo video that's going viral

Kathleen Lee-Joe Finally, natural hair is getting some of the love it deserves.

Alcohol flush

Is the 'Asian glow' real?

Kathleen Lee-Joe Around 540 million people in the world are afflicted with that anxiety-inducing condition known as Asian flush. I am one of them.

Donald Trump

This 30-second beauty tutorial proves anyone can look like Donald Trump


Kathleen Lee-Joe Don't forget the signature scowl.

Beauty Myths

10 hair myths you should stop believing

Kathleen Lee-Joe The most common hair myths, as perpetuated by every magazine you've ever read while waiting at your hairdressers.

Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris, legit goddess, shares her beauty routine

Kathleen Lee-Joe How to steam your face with laxatives, and other pointers.

Beauty hacks

12 cheat sheets to lift your beauty game

Kathleen Lee-Joe Don't know your smudge sticks from your beauty blenders? Don't know what order in which to slap on your skincare essentials? These cheat sheets will break it down.

Strong brow game

The new on-fleek brows


Kathleen Lee-Joe Frida Kahlo. Cara Delevinge. That lady who goes by 'Mother of Dragons'. As far as we're concerned, strong women and strong brows go hand in hand.

Game Face On

So what if female athletes wear makeup?

Hope Solo

Kathleen Lee-Joe Athleticism and femininity aren't mutually exclusive, so lay off the judgement.

OITNB Beauty

Six beauty hacks inspired by OITNB


Kathleen Lee Joe This parody beauty tutorial turns your average prison commissary into a pop-up Sephora.

Hair History

When did we decide women should shave their legs?

Will & Grace

Kathleen Lee Joe A pair of smooth stems is so ubiquitous to female grooming, it's rarely questioned - and yet the idea we should be hair-free only came about in the last few decades.

Specs Appeal

All-important makeup tips for women who wear glasses

Kathleen Lee Joe We look to Jenna Lyons, Zooey Deschanel, Drew Barrymore and other card-carrying members of the cool-girl intelligentsia, for inspiration.