Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee-Joe is Daily Life's Fashion Writer

Youth Milk

Kristen Wiig plays botched beauty guru in Zoolander 2

This new faux-advert sees her promote a ‘Youth Milk’, which you can purchase at her ‘Booty Labia-tory'.

Kathleen Lee-Joe This new faux-advert sees her promote a ‘Youth Milk’, which you can purchase at her ‘Booty Labia-tory'.

Sustainable Beauty

How sustainable is H&M's new beauty range?

Kathleen Lee-Joe The Swedish retailer has worked to cultivate a certain consumer assumption with its annual sustainability reports, ethics awards and choice of celebrity spokesmodels, while feeding our insatiable...

Taco Tuesday

The 'taco cleanse' is the only way to detox in 2016

Kathleen Lee-Joe Unfortunately, this doesn't mean heading down to your nearest Mad Mex to get your three squares a day.

Party Pout

Molten metal lips are the latest trend to try

Kathleen Lee-Joe A look for Christmas parties, not just your Cosplay conventions.

Star Wars

This Star Wars hairdo one-ups Princess Leia's buns


Kathleen Lee-Joe Couldn't stay awake for the midnight screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Don't fret. There are plenty of opportunities to partake in the nerdy fandom, such as this hairstyle.

Wino Forever

Marc Jacobs recruits Winona Ryder in latest beauty campaign

Kathleen Lee-Joe Winona Ryder, 44, has been revealed as the face of Marc Jacobs's 2016 beauty range, following in the footsteps of 64-year-old Jessica Lange.

No-Budge Beauty

How to party proof your makeup

Kathleen Lee-Joe The silly season is upon us, bringing with it late nights, copious amounts of liquor and promises of party pashes on the dancefloor.

Festive body hair

#GlitterPits is the latest out-there festive beauty trend to try


Kathleen Lee-Joe Girls are taking to social media, decorating their body hair to spread the word about gender equality.

Take Notes

What does a gender-free fragrance smell like?

Kathleen Lee-Joe There are no defining factors to what we consider 'masculine' and 'feminine' scents, chemically speaking – everything is driven by beauty marketing.

Easy Updo Alert

The pun is the new topknot

Kathleen Lee-Joe The hybrid hairstyle is exactly what it sounds like – a half-ponytail, half-bun – and it sure is fun to say.

In-Flight Beauty

Beauty tips for your next long-haul flight

Kathleen Lee-Joe Step out at your destination looking revived and refreshed, and like you haven't spent the past 14 hours beside a sick child in a tin can.

Summer Cuts

How to get the haircut you want

Gigi Hadid says goodbye to her long, blonde, mermaid locks.

Kathleen Lee-Joe Feeling inspired by Gigi's new bob? Six steps to that beauty holy grail, the perfect haircut.

Curly Hair, Don't Care

How to fight the frizz this summer

Kathleen Lee-Joe Curly hair is complicated, and record heat and humidity calls for a whole new plan of attack.

Bill Nye

'Science Guy' Bill Nye shares his secret to flawless skin

Bill Nye

Kathleen Lee-Joe Bill may not be known for his looks, but we – and every other '90s kid – know to listen to his advice whenever he puts it out there.

Summer Cuts

5 tips on how to care for short hair

Kathleen Lee-Joe Short hair does strange things when it first wakes up in the morning. Here are five tips for keeping it fab.

Spray 'N' Go

Spay-on nail polish is now a thing

Nails Inc. has invented

Kathleen Lee-Joe Throw away your bottles of lacquer, because the future is now.

Total Wino

Treat yo'self to a red wine facial


Kathleen Lee-Joe They call it 'vinotherapy' – natch – and it's the perfect way to use up those last remaining drops of red from that hearty spag bol you made on Wednesday night.

Ad Parody

Watch this video poke fun at 'empowering' women's advertising

Kathleen Lee-Joe Girl power is awesome, but the way it's used by the advertising industry leaves us a bit sceptical. Finally, we have a parody to cut through the BS!

Designer Beauty

Why is expensive makeup so expensive?

Kathleen Lee-Joe How many luxury beauty products are truly worth their weight in rubies? Is YSL's Touché ´Eclat pen actually superior to the click 'n' go concealer you picked up from Priceline?

Hair History

At last, a '100 Years of (Male) Beauty' video

Kathleen Lee-Joe We've seen plenty of videos highlighting the evolution of beauty trends for women, but how about men?