Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee Joe

Kathleen Lee-Joe is Daily Life's Fashion Writer


Can't-live-without foundations for every skin type

A good foundation looks like your skin, only better.

Kathleen Lee-Joe A good foundation looks like your skin, only better.

Best foundations for every skin concern

Kathleen Lee-Joe A good foundation looks like your skin, only better.

Dollars and scents

Base notes, top dollar: what makes perfume expensive

Scent memory and personal taste play a role in favourite perfumes.

Kathleen Lee-Joe What separates a costly scent from a cheaper one?

Hello Kitty

Watch: The ‘100 years of beauty’ spoof starring kittens

Kathleen Lee-Joe Makeup trends may come and go, but kittens are forever.

Contouring Goals

Grandma turns 'glam-ma' in viral makeup tutorials

Kathleen Lee-Joe For this octogenarian, falsies means lashes, not teeth.

Finger lickin' good

KFC invents nail polish that tastes like fried chicken


Kathleen Lee-Joe It's taken the "finger lickin' good" slogan to a whole other level.

Shibori Hair

Tie-dye hair is the latest eye-popping Insta-happy trend

Kathleen Lee-Joe That messy craft you loved as a kid has inspired the latest take on ombre hair.

Flake Free

6 tips for dealing with scalp sensitivity and dandruff

Long, dark hair; don't care!

Kathleen Lee-Joe Ah, the dreaded 'd' word. Sure, it's not the sexiest of topics, but those tiny white flecks are a pervasive problem for over 50 per cent of the population.

Troll beauty

You’ll soon be able to buy MAC makeup inspired by Troll dolls

Kathleen Lee-Joe Get ready for some serious '90s nostalgia.

Makeup Removal

Why you should ditch your makeup wipes

Bear in mind that the skin around your eyes is especially sensitive.

Kathleen Lee-Joe They're the epitome of lazy beauty, but what harm are they doing to your skin - and the environment?

Beauty in Diversity

How the face of the beauty blogosphere is changing

On YouTube, beauty and diversity are intimately related.

Kathleen Lee-Joe Because when mainstream advertising pretends you don't exist, you have to look harder for your sources of inspiration.

Adele Mania

This video will have you mastering Adele's cat-eye in no time

Kathleen Lee-Joe Don't let that utterly perfect feline flick intimidate you.

White Hot

5 ways to wear white eyeliner

Kathleen Lee-Joe Going way beyond Twiggy's infamous mod eyes, white eyeliner can be used in an array of wearable looks. Here's a primer for the unacquainted.

Hair Hacks

20 hair dye hacks you ought to know about

Kathleen Lee-Joe Our practical time- and money-saving hacks that go beyond using the expensive purple-tinged shampoo your salon stylist recommends.

Fringe Benefits

6 tips for cutting your own fringe

Kathleen Lee-Joe Get profesh-looking results without a cosmetology degree by following these simple tricks.

Denim hair

Why everyone is talking about Denim hair

Endlessly versatile denim has inspired our latest hair obsession.

Kathleen Lee-Joe The beauty blogging set has been convincing us to dye our locks a nice shade of stonewash.

Fuzzy nails

Dare to don furry nail art?

Kathleen Lee-Joe Like caviar and bubble nails that went before it, this textured trend is as deeply impractical as it is cool looking.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s new lipstick raises money for transgender charities

Kathleen Lee-Joe The name of the shade? 'Finally Free'.

Oil Up

5 beautifying oils that aren't coconut

Kathleen Lee-Joe The best up-and-coming beauty oils you haven't tried – yet.

Hair art

These gasp-worthy hairstyles were inspired by famous paintings

Kathleen Lee-Joe Art-school geeks, rejoice! Kansas-based hairstylist Ursula Goff is gorgeously colouring hair to look like famous paintings.