Korean cat ladies are getting illegal tattoos of their cats

Even better than immortalisation via meme.

Even better than immortalisation via meme. Photo: Sol Tattoo/Facebook

South Koreans are breaking the law in the cutest way possible – by getting tattoos of their pet cats.

Tattooing is technically illegal in South Korea. Due to its use of needles, 'inking' is defined as a medical procedure by law, and can therefore only be done by a medical professional or inside a hospital. Then there's the social taboo – tattoos were traditionally the mark of gangsters and are frowned upon by many in the older generation.

Yet this hasn't stopped thousands of underground tattoo parlours popping up – and thriving – according to the Wall Street Journal.

One of those parlours is Sol Tattoo in Seoul, which specialises in cat tattoos (or as we like to call them, 'cattoos').


And they really are quite something. 

(This is the perfect way to take your cat everywhere you go – on holidays, out clubbing, and to work, even when your office manager is allergic.)

And dog lovers, fear not. Sol Tattoo also carries out requests for Pomeranians, galactic whales and whatever other cutesy critter you happen to fancy. Just check out their Instagram and Facebook for ink-spo. 

Source: Huffington Post