Going Gaga

Lady Gaga, front row at London fashion week last month.

Lady Gaga, front row at London fashion week last month. Photo: Getty

We used to look to runway shows for the latest hair and make-up trends. Recently, however, there's been a changing of the guard. Ever since Lady Gaga arrived on the scene, she has inspired women - starting with her own pop peers - to add a little theatre to their hair and make-up repertoires. Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Beth Ditto, with their stiletto-shaped nails, crystal-embellished eye make-up, bottle-pink hair and loads of lacquer, are doing everything to steer clear of the predictable red-carpet Hollywood look.

"They're encouraging women of all ages to embrace their own individual style, to experiment with colour and pattern and to enjoy the art of make-up," says Nicole Thompson, senior artist at MAC Cosmetics.

If you're feeling up to the challenge, get the ball rolling with a few stick-on nail strips - the busy woman's answer to nail art. All you need to do is press the sticker onto the nail before trimming the tips for an off-the-charts, intricate-looking manicure - zero painting skills required. Try the smudge-proof Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Nail Strips, $10. Or, if you like the sound of novelty eyelashes, try on one of Shu Uemura's dramatic lash designs for size. Hailing from Japan, the birthplace of artisan lashes, the range has everything from fan-shaped extensions to more delicate styles.

Forget about Grammy Awards - these days, a self-titled fragrance is the ultimate pop star measure of success. Once you recover from the edgy exterior of the bottle, you'll find that the fragrance inside - with its near-edible notes of apricot and honey - is a little bit fruity and a whole lot sweet. Exactly like Gaga, really. Lady Gaga Fame, from $55 (30ml), 1800 812 663.