Four steps to better-looking brows

Keira Knightley, owner of strikingly thick eyebrows.

Keira Knightley, owner of strikingly thick eyebrows. Photo: Getty

We don't need to remind you that nothing anchors the eyes and frames the face like a full set of brows. Plus, once you’ve got the shape down pat, you can get away with wearing barely any other eye makeup and still look fresh-faced. Whether you’re planning on doing the handiwork yourself or seeking out professional help, here are a few brow-perfecting tips to consider.

 1. Avoid the wax pot The skin around the eye area is not only highly sensitive but it’s also tissue paper thin, so it makes little sense to pull at the skin using hot wax. Tweezing is nowhere near as aggressive, plus it allows for greater precision. Perfectly angled and easy to grip, try Tweezerman Fashion Colour Slant Tweezer, (below) $39,95.

2. Do your research If you’d prefer to leave the initial shaping to an expert, it pays to shop around until you find a brow technician who ticks all the boxes. Before you book in, ask if you can see examples of their work and above all, make sure they tend to your brows while you’re sitting upright, and not on a bed. The problem with laying horizontal is that it distorts the shape of the face, so as soon as you stand up and gravity comes into play, the brows can look uneven.



3. Measure up When it comes to correcting brow shape, getting the proportions right is key. Start by holding a pencil parallel to the corner of the nose. This is where the brow should start. Next, you want to mark out the arch by angling the pencil so that it creates an imaginary line from the corner of the nose, through to the outer corner of the iris. Then, to work out the end point, continue angling the pencil until it lines up with the outside corner of the eye. One you’ve marked out the three key points, go back and fill in the brows using a gel or powder. It’ll not only stop you from over-tweezing, but it also makes it easier to identify whether the brows are looking even.


 4. Fill in the gaps If you’re new to brow products, investing in a pressed brow powder such as Bobbi Brown Brow Kit, $90,(below) is recommended. Unlike pencil that can sometimes appear flat and harsh, a powder allows you to create softer, more natural-looking strokes right in at the roots of the hair. It’s also the end of the brow that needs the most definition, so always start by filling the tail first, before feathering the excess through the arch and start point.

Hot Tip: If you’ve got naturally thick or dark brows, ditch the powder and stick with a clear gel for hold. And if you haven’t got a gel handy, a hint of hairspray or a skin salve will also do the trick.