Facial yoga

Facial yoga, y'all!

Facial yoga, y'all!

Every year there are dozens of new beauty trends that vie for attention, and an early runner for 2013 is facial yoga. Like gymnastics for your face, it involves practising a series of facial exercises designed to relax and strengthen face muscles for firmer-looking skin. Followers believe the benefits work along the same premise as regular yoga, in that taking time out to unwind and concentrate on the exercises helps to release tension in the face.

Just like a regular yoga class, each of the facial movements has a name. My fave is "Prom Queen", in which you have to widen the eyes and hold a fake smile for 10 seconds. To learn more, there's no shortage of facial yoga e-books or apps to pick from, but my vote goes to YouTube, where you can watch a number of facial yoga "experts" giving a rundown of each of the poses. And while I'm not convinced facial exercise alone is enough to eradicate fine lines, I can assure you that watching takes of grown women pulling (shamelessly silly) faces to camera is enough to give this beauty editor's cheek muscles a workout.

Hot tip: Like a yoga class in a bottle, this balancing face mist is packed with mandarin, orange and aloe vera to hydrate the skin and lift your spirits. Kora Energising Citrus Mist, $40, koraorganics.com.au.


Ask the beauty editor ...

Q. Everyone raves about beach-looking hair for summer, but I'm terrible at creating curls. How can I get the look?

Rather than battling it out with a curling wand, I suggest you down the heat-styling tools and try this old routine instead. Start by prepping damp hair with a sea-salt spray and leave the product to air-dry before sectioning the hair into four even plaits. Then leave the style to set overnight before using your hands - a brush will only knock out the volume - to release the plaits in the morning. Just remember: the looser the plait, the more relaxed the curls will look. Try: KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray, $37, 1800 506 060.