Chop Chop!

2013 is not yet a month old and already model Karlie Kloss’ latest shag-style bob has already been dubbed ‘the’ haircut of the year. Inspired by 1960’s style icons Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin, ‘The Chop,’ or ‘The Karlie,’ as it’s been named, is made for wearing all wispy and soft. But the best part is that it's incredibly easy to wear.

Still not convinced? Proving there’s power in numbers, you only have to look to model Arizona Muse, who has been loyal to variations of the swinging style for a while now, along with the recently cropped Margherita Missoni, to know you’ll be in good company.

What to ask for: Shorter than a bob and longer than a shag, you want a solid cut falling somewhere between the chin and above the collarbone. The lack of layers means you can wear it airy and wavy without the ends looking stringy and still retain enough length to pull the hair back into a slicked-down pony.


 What you’ll need: Dry shampoo.  And loads of it. Unlike a poker straight Lob (long bob) it’s all about embracing the natural wave in the hair. Start by prepping damp hair with a light mist of sea salt spray before blow-drying using your hands to maximise texture. Then all you need to do is keep a can of dry shampoo handy that you can use throughout the day on the roots and ends to top up volume.

Try: Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo, $9.95


Word to the wise: When it comes to maintenance, brow-skimming bangs are about as demanding as a newborn baby, so if you’re thinking of finishing off the look with a fringe, ask your hairdresser to cut the style in stages. That way you can use the six weeks in-between salon appointments to get the styling of the bob down pat before tackling the demands of a fringe.