Best in show

Red-hot ... Rihanna.

Red-hot ... Rihanna. Photo: Steve Granitz

Perhaps it was an upside of the new, strict dress code but if we're talking about makeup at this week’s Grammy Awards, it’s fair to say the stars didn’t miss a beat. Across the pond, actresses at the BAFTA Awards also pulled out all stops with a sea of flame-red lips and a spot of pink hair to prove it.

Red Alert

Lipstick’s hero colour, red, stole the show again with everything from matte crimson shades to glossy berry-tones seen prettying up the pouts of babes. If you’re new to flame-red, you can’t go wrong with a blue-based bullet like MAC’s Ruby Woo, $36, It works a treat at making the teeth and the whites of the eyes look brighter without exaggerating existing redness in the skin. Oh, and if we’re to take our cue from Rihanna, it seems matching your lipstick to your dress is suddenly cool again.

Carrie Underwood.

Carrie Underwood. Photo: Jason Merritt



The mixed up mani
The beauty of this look, unlike a French manicure or marbled-finish, is that you can virtually nail it with your eyes closed. Plus, there's something refreshingly 'devil-may-care' about different coloured nails. Although there are no rules when it comes to pairing polishes, you can’t go wrong with a metallic number like a glittery gold or silver - they give the entire look an instant pop! Why not try for the ring or pointer finger as Carrie Underwood did here.

Still winning ... Adele.

Still winning ... Adele. Photo: Jason Merritt

Loaded Lashes
Moving on from last season’s naked lash trend, super-sized lashes made a serious comeback with everyone from Taylor Swift to Adele seen sporting chubby clusters on both the top and bottom deck. You replicate Adele's look by dusting a translucent powder across the lashes before following with multiple coats of mascara for serious volume, minus the hassle of falsies.

50 shades of pink

This round-up wouldn’t be complete without giving a shout out to Helen Mirren who, at the ripe age of 67, gave the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry a run for their money with her freshly cropped pink ‘do. Just remember: candy coloured hair requires serious commitment and cash so if you’re contemplating a colour change, hold the paint job and try a blend-in, brush-out powder like Kevin Murphy Color.Ball, $24.95 from Adore Beauty, instead.