Beauty tricks that actually work

Model Daphne Groeneveld.

Model Daphne Groeneveld.

Proving that you don’t need an army of product to look your finest, here are a handful of hair and makeup tips to keep you looking polished and fresh all summer long.

1.  Handy cream
Heat and humidity can wreck havoc on our hair. The next time you’re on the go, try working a pea-size amount of hand cream onto the palm of your hands before smoothing the product over the roots and ends. It not only works a treat at taming frizz but it’s also great at boosting shine. Try: Natio Spa Organics Heavenly Hand Cream, $9.95.

2. Pillow Talk
To stretch the most out of a professional blow-dry, try sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase at night. Unlike cotton, silk prevents friction meaning, you can toss and turn as much as you like without creating frizz. Added bonus: sleeping on silk also has a knack for preventing annoying crease lines from developing around the cheek and mouth area as you snooze.


3. Stay out of bubble
If you’ve left your nails to the last minute and don’t have a bottle of top coat handy, try popping your hands under cold running water. The water traps the air to help speed up the drying time and stop the lacquer from bubbling.

4. Powder up
If you only have room for one product in your clutch, make it a mattifying powder. Although it’s made for knocking back unwanted shine along the t-zone, it also moonlights as a nifty body booster for tired hair. For a quick lift, simply load a makeup brush with a generous amount of powder before buffing it along the roots and hairline. Unlike regular talcum powder, mattifying powders are milled to perfection so they sink into the roots in next to no time without leaving the hair looking white. Try Napoleon Perdis Translucent Loose Powder, $55,

5.Lighten up
If your nails are looking a little stained from wearing dark nail polish, try adding two denture-whitening tablets – yep, the kind your grandfather uses – to a bowl of water and soak for five minutes before gently buffing.