2015 is year of the rainbow beard


Kathleen Lee Joe

2015 is year of the rainbow beard.

2015 is year of the rainbow beard. Photo: via Rorroysworld/ Instagram

Well, if it isn't another beauty 'trend' that looks to have been invented purely for the purposes of launching a single-subject Tumblr! First came flower buds. Then came jingly Christmas baubles. And now, men are apparently dying their beard hair magical shades of pastel.

According to trend peddlers Buzzfeed and Refinery29, "men with unicorn hair" is now very much a thing. Flatly denying the fact that society has reached peak beard, some inventive chaps on social media have sought new ways to revitalise the facial hair fad.


Women are dying their pits, so why can't men colour coordinate their beard with their beanie, give themselves an ombré scruff or random paint splotches in a poor attempt to replicate Jackson Pollock? Forget Skittles. You've not yet tasted the rainbow until you've made out with someone sporting glittery chin pubes.

Wait until Jared Leto gets a load of this …