Beauty Trends

Runway to reality

15 Fashion Week beauty trends that work IRL

Kathleen Lee Joe Sure, it’s exciting to see faux freckles, powder-blue brows and words spelt out with hair on the runway – but those looks probably aren’t going to work for Sunday brunch or that Monday morning...

Beauty trends

Fashion week beauty trends to get behind

Nicole Elphick Fashion week offered up some approachable beauty trends. Hurrah.

Japanese beauty

Five Japanese beauty trends we won't be trying soon


Sarah Berry The cartoon-loving culture has also created an array of, shall we say, animated 'beauty' trends.

Beauty trends 2013

Beauty trends for 2013

Fresh looks ... Falsies are in fashion.

Natasha Hughes Customised hair, flexible hours and falsies are among the fads set to be big in beauty this year.

On Trend

Top Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

Derek Lam

Eliza Ashe If you only try one new beauty look this summer, make it one of these.


The 5 Biggest Beauty Trends From Fashion Week

Michael Lo Sordo

Eliza Ashe Plus clever backstage beauty tips to help you pull them off.

Faux tan trial

Prep your skin for summer's best fake-tanners

Stephanie Darling Stephanie Darling enjoys a skin-sloughing body treatment and unveils the latest in fake tanning.

Hey blondie

15 iconic blondes to inspire your summer 'do

1968, Modelling, A picture of British model Twiggy wearing a red patterned jumper  (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

And yes, bottled blondes do have just as much fun.

Greying gracefully

How one in four women find their first grey hair by age 25

Katy Young A new survey has revealed that 20 per cent of British women will find their first grey before they reach the age of 25, so it's no wonder growing old gracefully is becoming de rigeur.

Beauty beat

Get summer ready with glossy hair and moisture-packed skin

Stephanie Darling Stephanie Darling tries a hair-gloss treatment and tracks down the latest skincare boosters.

Hair tutorial

Learn these three new hairstyles in time for the weekend


Christina Butcher An easy step-by-step guide to magical new hair.

Beauty PSA

Stop everything and clean your makeup brushes now

Kathleen Lee Joe A ten-minute cleanup could save you from all sorts of unspeakable horrors.

Gluten-free beauty

Are gluten-free beauty products only for the gullible?

Kathleen Lee Joe There may be more to a gluten-free lifestyle than just cutting bread out of your diet.

Hair tutorial

Three beautiful new hairstyles and how to master them

Christina Butcher An easy step-by-step guide to magical new hair.

Kate & Cara

Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne embrace in trenches for My Burberry fragrance campaign

My Burberry.

Effie Mann Kate Moss: "It was just Cara, me, and our trench coats".

Chanel sues

Chanel is suing salon owner Chanel for using her own name

Kathleen Lee Joe Feels threatened by bridal updos .

Movie makeup

Movies that deserve their own makeup collections


Kathleen Lee Joe The possibilities are endless!

DIY hair styling

How to master the DIY haircut

Sandy Smith When you can't wait to get to the salon for a trim or money is tight, is there anything wrong with taking to the scissors yourself?

Beauty Q&A

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley spills her beauty secrets

Even RHW wasn't immune to 90s beauty mistakes.

The new bush?

Will we ever learn to love back hair?


Kathleen Lee Joe Could back have surpassed chest and pubic as the most political of body hairs?