Beauty Trends

Runway to reality

15 Fashion Week beauty trends that work IRL

Kathleen Lee Joe Sure, it’s exciting to see faux freckles, powder-blue brows and words spelt out with hair on the runway – but those looks probably aren’t going to work for Sunday brunch or that Monday morning...

Beauty trends

Fashion week beauty trends to get behind

Nicole Elphick Fashion week offered up some approachable beauty trends. Hurrah.

On Trend

Top Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

Derek Lam

Eliza Ashe If you only try one new beauty look this summer, make it one of these.

Japanese beauty

Five Japanese beauty trends we won't be trying soon


Sarah Berry The cartoon-loving culture has also created an array of, shall we say, animated 'beauty' trends.


The 5 Biggest Beauty Trends From Fashion Week

Michael Lo Sordo

Eliza Ashe Plus clever backstage beauty tips to help you pull them off.

Beauty trends 2013

Beauty trends for 2013

Fresh looks ... Falsies are in fashion.

Natasha Hughes Customised hair, flexible hours and falsies are among the fads set to be big in beauty this year.

Hair Hacks

5 steps to determining your hair type

Kathleen Lee Joe Choosing styling products and knowing what to do with them is a confusing state of affairs.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett slams red carpet questions in new issue of Harper's Bazaar


"Next it will be, 'What brand tampon are you wearing?'"

Perfume test

Is there actually a difference between cheap and expensive perfume?

Kathleen Lee Joe What makes one type of smelly water better than another?

Beauty beat

Stephanie Darling test-drives volumising brow extensions, defines red-carpet glamour, and finds the must-have eyeshadow palette.

Perfect fringe

How to get the perfect fringe

Fringe dweller: Alexa Chung is as on-trend as ever with her new hairstyle.

Stephanie Darling Want perfect brow-sweeping bangs like Alexa? All you need is a brush, a blow-dryer, and a dream.

Edible spas

Would you try an 'edible spa treatment'?


Amanda Hooton A relaxing - and tasty - mango and rice rub leaves Amanda Hooton hungry for more.

Beauty beat: Naomi Watts

Best dressed: Naomi Watts is noted for her red-carpet style.

Stephanie Darling Stephanie Darling heads to Paris to talk beauty with Naomi Watts and gets the lowdown on applying perfume.

Cosmetics cull

Five beauty products you definitely do not need


Kathleen Lee Joe Seriously, who invented "leg makeup" and why is it a thing?

Beauty tricks

How to get rid of a pimple, fast

Tracey Strange When it comes to pimples, a little violence is sometimes called for.

New in beauty

10 beauty products to try in 2015

Kathleen Lee Joe These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014. Clear space in your medicine cabinet ...

Cat-eye hacks

20 hacks for the perfect cat-eye

Kathleen Lee Joe Now you too can be the girl who's somehow mastered the art of cat-eye liner, rather than the one who's resigned to looking like a panda.

Mo mani, mo problems

How do you spot a dodgy manicure?

Kathleen Lee Joe Your in-salon mani could be doing you more harm than good. Here are a few things to look out for...

Tracey Spicer: This is what I look like without make-up


Tracey Spicer When the daily grooming ritual became too much of a burden for Tracey Spicer, she decided to go cold turkey.

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Best match

The best makeup for darker skin tones

Kathleen Lee Joe ‘Mocha’ and ‘Cocoa’ should be more than just an afterthought.