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Thinning strands

The likely cause: “Everyone is quick to blame stress, but it’s a deficiency in three major nutrients: Vitamin D, iron and iodine, all of which influence the thyroid hormone that’s responsible for hair growth,” explains trichologist Tony Pearce.

The alternative solution: “Aim for three servings of lean red meat per week for an adequate dose of protein, calcium and Vitamin B-12"adds Pearce, or try a multi-vitamin.” 

The instant fix: For instant oomph, make the switch to a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioning combo. The right hairstyle will also help to camouflage thinning. Heavy layers will only leave the ends looking stringy so stick with a blunt, shoulder-length bob to maximise fullness. Adding a few highlights will also create much-needed dimension and texture in the hair.

Spots of bother

The likely cause: Stress stimulates the adrenal glands causing an over-production of the male testosterone hormone, Androgen, which triggers the sebum production that causes breakouts.  

The instant fix: Invest in a spot gel or cleanser boasting between 0.5% and 2% salicylic acid. A natural exfoliant, salicylic acid works to nix blemish-causing bacteria and helps to boost cell turnover.

The alternative fix: “Vitamin B-5 and B-12 supplements help to regulate stress and adrenal functioning, while pumpkin seeds boast anti-inflammatory properties which can help minimise redness,” advises naturopath Shannon McNeill. It’s also worth looking into stress-release activities such as regular yoga or meditation classes.

 Blood-shot eyes

The likely cause: Spending too many hours gazing at a computer screen and exposure to dry-air related to outdoor wind or indoor heating, can cause the small blood vessels in the eyes to expand and fill with blood.  

The instant fix: Mask excess redness in the skin by blending a liquid concealer across the eyelid and up to the brown bone before working the product along the lower eye area so that the concealer fades as it reaches the top of the cheekbone. Then, ditch the harsh black liner as it’ll only close in the eye area, and opt for a flesh-toned pencil that you can blend along the lower waterline to make the whites of the eyes pop.

The alternative fix: Start by giving your eyes a rest from the computer by factoring in a short desk break every fifteen minutes. “Bilberry also increases oxygen to the eye area to strengthen blood vessels,” adds McNeill.