Katrina Meynink is a freelance food writer and recipe developer who lives and breathes all things food. She is particularly fond of butter, Persian fairy floss and bacon. She is a prolific lover of cookbooks, which led her to write her own, Kitchen Coquette (Allen & Unwin) -- available now at all good bookstores.

Chocolate chocolate chocolate

A chocolate flavourologist is an actual job

Katrina Meynink Ummm where do we sign up?


A delightful Teriyaki salmon bowl

Katrina Meynini A field guide to a perfectly constructed Donburi bowl.

Winter food

A coq a vin of sorts

Katrina Meynink The art of using what you have on hand to make something seriously tasty.

Treat yourself

Your sticky dated antidote to winter blues

Katrina Meynink Sticky date pudding just got even more delicious/soul bolstering.

Hearty fare

Hurrah, it's soup season


Katrina Meyink And by that we mean soup so thick and comforting that you could stand a spoon in it.

Pure heaven

What cupcake fatigue?


Katrina Meynink Just when you thought you were over cupcakes, these came along.

Sweet + Savoury

Delicious meatballs with cherry jam and yoghurt


Katrina Meynink Wonderous spicy, pungent, textural flavour bombs in your mouth.

Huxtabook recipes

A good bit of chargrilled beef with caramelised onion puree and pepper sauce

emann Rejoice fine eating friends - finally, Huxtable dishes can be recreated at home!

Bun recipes

Why not enjoy a hot cross bun festival?

Katrina Meynink Get amongst it people – hot cross buns in their various forms and incarnations from breakfast through to dessert.

Marvelous Creations mousse cake

Introducing the Marvelous Creations mousse cake

Katrina Meynink Yes this is really happening, an unholy creation of perfection.

Thai food

How to make perfect Pad Thai

Katrina Meynink There's not better example of all that's good about Thailand than this dish, except when it's done badly.

This roulade will be your dessert weapon

Katrina Meynink A roulade featuring Turkish delight, meringue, raspberries and pistachios, oh my. Oh my, oh my.

The joy of old-fashioned cooking techniques

Katrina Meynink Here's one good reason: pomegranate and spice maple slow-roasted lamb shoulder. Yeahhhh.

Homemade ice-cream

Impossibly refreshing basil and mint ice-cream

Katrina Meynink A delightfully quick and easy recipe for homemade ice-cream/joy.

Comfort desserts

The best desserts are the slab kind

Katrina Meynink These apple and rhubarb slabs are frills-free comfort food at its best.

Really fancy waffles

The not-so-humble waffle

Katrina Meynink Wasabi, cheese and pancetta waffles. You're going to want to face plant into these on the weekend.

Summer flavours

A light and lush summer salad

Katrina Meynink Fresh fish and watermelon, could you actually get any more summery?

Valentine's Day recipe ideas

A Valentine's Day dinner that will win over cynics

Katrina Meynink Even if you hate Valentine's Day it's still OK to gobble delicious things!

Nutella meringue

Little bites of heaven (and Nutella)

choc meringue

Katrina Meynink The meringue is totally underrated in its excellence.

Breakfast ideas

The alternative to a dull breakfast

Katrina Meynink Perfect brunch food.