Stephanie Wood is a senior feature writer for Good Weekend, the(sydney)magazine and Sunday Life. The former editor of The Age Good Food Guide and The Age’s Epicure section writes the(sydney)magazine’s “I Cook” column, which each month invades a Sydney chef’s home kitchen. She admits to being a better writer than a cook, despite a dusty Cordon Bleu cooking course diploma and stints cooking in Scotland and Belgium for wealthy families. Twitter


Why are we so obsessed with yoghurt?

The Age Melbourne Magazine
Ice-cream/ yoghurt stops
Igloo Zoo - 195 Glenferrie Road, Malvern
Photos. Melanie Faith Dove SPECIAL 00000000

Stephanie Wood Stephanie Wood tries to make sense of our seemingly endless appetite for froyo, Greek yoghurt and everything in-between.

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Food trends

The death of the neighbourhood Chinese restaurant

Life loves. Pork and chive dumplings from Chinese Noodle House at 8 Quay St, Haymarket.

Stephanie Wood Sticky lemon chicken and sweet & sour pork are a portal to a different Australia.

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Food maps

On letting go of lists

Corkboard with colorful Post-It notes and pins

Stephanie Wood A food lover, a road trip and an attempt to ditch the list of restaurants to try.


In which I invite the mother of all gadgets into my kitchen


Stephanie Wood And we must ask, is the Thermomix worth all of the hype?

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Fuschia Dunlop

This woman changed the way we think about Chinese food


Fuschia  Dunlop, author and Chinese cooking 

Stephanie Wood And other reasons why you should have a food crush on Fuchsia Dunlop.

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Food waste

Why we have to change the way we eat

autumn reds, apples and shoes

Stephanie Wood Horse meat in the meatballs? 800,000 tonnes of food going to landfill in NSW alone? Need more proof?

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Kitchen appliances

A fond farewell to my Sunbeam mixmaster


Stephanie Wood Nostalgia has no place when it comes to kitchen appliances.

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Pretentious eating

The food snob's days are limited


Stephanie Wood The pushback against the food as art/window to your soul/personal brand is nigh.

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Christmas traditions

The joys of a modest Christmas

christmas pud

Stephanie Wood Generosity of spirit doesn’t have to equal a gluttony of appetite. But there must always be pudding.

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Spiky seafood

Are you afraid of cooking with sea urchins?

Spaghettini with sea urchin, from Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons, Shop 25, Crown Promenade, Southbank. Photographed by Marina Oliphant for TAMM, Dish it Up, May 2008.

Stephanie Wood Stephanie Wood on why braving the spikes of sea urchins is completely worth it.

Restaurant etiquette

Has Instagram ruined our table manners?

cafe girl

Stephanie Wood The new rules of restaurant etiquette, with thanks to Emily Post.

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The price of food

Would you pay $48 for a dozen eggs?

happy eggs

Stephanie Woood All those free-range, seasonal, organic, artisanal, local, line-caught, heirloom ingredients come at a price.

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Dinner party throwbacks

10 tips for a sexist and misogynistic soiree


Stephanie Wood STEPHANIE WOOD consults her collection of vintage cookbooks for party planning ideas.

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Recipe books

The secret histories of cookbooks

Good Living  Bills  Gluten Free  chocolate cake  taken 17th August 2006  SMH,features pic Natalie Boog SPECIALX 54864

Stephanie Wood There's often special story behind the recipes in a cook book.

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Video tutorial: Lamb

Video tutorial: how to make the most of lamb


Stephanie Wood Stephanie Wood learns some tips from master butcher, Colin Holt. (probably not for the squeamish or vegan among us).

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Soul food

Is this the world's best chicken soup recipe?

chicken oup

Stephanie Wood The secret of soulful chicken soup lies in a calculation.

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