New York Times under fire for criticising 'mom hair'

Lara Worthington made headlines last year when she cut off her long locks after giving birth to her first child.

Jenna Clarke   The publication has drawn the ire of the internet for comparing the locks of mothers to the frumpy fashion equivalent of "mom jeans".

Shibori Hair

Tie-dye hair is the latest eye-popping Insta-happy trend

Dare to DIY? #shiborihair

Kathleen Lee-Joe   That messy craft you loved as a kid has inspired the latest take on ombre hair.

Flake Free

6 tips for dealing with scalp sensitivity and dandruff

Long, dark hair; don't care!

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Ah, the dreaded 'd' word. Sure, it's not the sexiest of topics, but those tiny white flecks are a pervasive problem for over 50 per cent of the population.

Hair loss

The type of hair loss we need to talk more about

At just 37, Antonia Hoyle has begun losing her hair.

Antonia Hoyle   At just 37, Antonia Hoyle has begun losing her hair, a condition that will affect a staggering two thirds of women.

Hair Hacks

20 hair dye hacks you ought to know about

#HairGoals courtesy of South Korean model and street style star Irene Kim.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Our practical time- and money-saving hacks that go beyond using the expensive purple-tinged shampoo your salon stylist recommends.

Fringe Benefits

6 tips for cutting your own fringe

Fringe perfection at Galliano's 2015 fall presentation.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Get profesh-looking results without a cosmetology degree by following these simple tricks.

Denim hair

Why everyone is talking about Denim hair

Endlessly versatile denim has inspired our latest hair obsession.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The beauty blogging set has been convincing us to dye our locks a nice shade of stonewash.

Hair art

These gasp-worthy hairstyles were inspired by famous paintings

Girl with the peal earring.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Art-school geeks, rejoice! Kansas-based hairstylist Ursula Goff is gorgeously colouring hair to look like famous paintings.

Star Wars

This Star Wars hairdo one-ups Princess Leia's buns


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Couldn't stay awake for the midnight screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Don't fret. There are plenty of opportunities to partake in the nerdy fandom, such as this hairstyle.

Festive body hair

#GlitterPits is the latest out-there festive beauty trend to try


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Girls are taking to social media, decorating their body hair to spread the word about gender equality.

Easy Updo Alert

The pun is the new topknot

Rooney Mara

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The hybrid hairstyle is exactly what it sounds like – a half-ponytail, half-bun – and it sure is fun to say.

Summer Cuts

How to get the haircut you want

Gigi Hadid says goodbye to her long, blonde, mermaid locks.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Feeling inspired by Gigi's new bob? Six steps to that beauty holy grail, the perfect haircut.

Curly Hair, Don't Care

How to fight the frizz this summer


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Curly hair is complicated, and record heat and humidity calls for a whole new plan of attack.

Glitter roots

#GlitterRoots is the latest hair trend blowing up Instagram


Kathleen Lee-Joe   The universal symbol for fun and frivolity is key in the latest hair trend on Instagram, #GlitterRoots! And just in time for party season, too.

Summer Cuts

5 tips on how to care for short hair

Linda Evangelista (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Short hair does strange things when it first wakes up in the morning. Here are five tips for keeping it fab.

Hair History

At last, a '100 Years of (Male) Beauty' video

Hey, hey, it's the Monkees.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   We've seen plenty of videos highlighting the evolution of beauty trends for women, but how about men?

Adult Pigtails

How to wear pigtails as a grown-ass woman

Mara Hoffman

Kathleen Lee-Joe   They were everywhere from Miu Miu to Chanel, prompting the question: Can non-model types wear them while still looking like legit adults?

Bean sprout hair

Chinese trendsetters are wearing bean sprouts in their hair


Kathleen Lee-Joe   The latest trend taking over the interwebs is #sproutcore – plastic hair clips that create the illusion of sprouts growing out of your head

Opal Hair

Opal hair is the latest hair colour trend

The latest swoon-worthy colour craze, #opalhair.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The latest colour craze sparking serious envy on Instagram is opal hair. Think locks dyed multiple shades of iridescent pastels to mimic the inside of an oyster.

Seeing Red

This stunning photo series proves redheads aren't always white

the MC1R series

Kathleen Lee-Joe   There's much mythology surrounding redheads, but one of the biggest modern-day assumptions would have to be that all redheads are white.

Natural Hair

Watch the natural #hairspo video that's going viral


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Finally, natural hair is getting some of the love it deserves.

Heart Hair

Latest Korean hair trend turns fringes into love hearts

The twee style is affectionately known as “hateu aapmuhri” or “heart-bangs hair”.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Fringes are already pretty high-maintenance, but this just takes it to a whole new level.

Beauty Myths

10 hair myths you should stop believing

Pier Angeli

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The most common hair myths, as perpetuated by every magazine you've ever read while waiting at your hairdressers.


Behold! These beards are things of glory

There's one way to fly the rainbow flag.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   These two handsome gents are taking flower beards to the next level.

Dirty Hair

5 second-day dirty hair 'dos

Second-day tresses are easier to style.

Kathleen Lee Joe   Dirty hair? Don't care! Grease is the word with these five tried and tested 'dos for second- and third-day unwashed locks. Go ahead and punch that snooze button.

Body Hair

Will female body hair ever be unremarkable?

Julia Roberts starred in possibly the most famous hairy armpit in 1999.

Catherine Rodie   Despite living in the 21st century, female body hair is still considered abnormal.

Hair History

When did we decide women should shave their legs?

Will & Grace

Kathleen Lee-Joe   A pair of smooth stems is so ubiquitous to female grooming, it's rarely questioned - and yet the idea we should be hair-free only came about in the last few decades.


What makes this the most controversial hairstyle in fashion?

FKA Twigs

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The latest primer on cultural appropriation – chola style.

Hair Hacks

5 steps to determining your hair type

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - MARCH 20:  A model poses backstage during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul FW15 on March 20, 2015 ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Choosing styling products and knowing what to do with them is a confusing state of affairs.

The best Game of Thrones hairspo

Cersei Lannister's long, flowing golden locks.

Kathleen Lee Joe   5 Pinterest-worthy hairstyles from the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens.

Prepare to be stunned - Vogue is bringing mullets back

A mullet-rocking model walks the runway at the Anne Sofie Madsen show during Paris Fashion Week.

Kathleen Lee Joe   One appearance in Vogue does not a trend make, but three? It's hard to argue with.

10 tips for the perfect blowout

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12:  A models gets her hair styled backstage at Jonathan Simkhai presentation during MADE ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Ah, the blowout. Who knew regularly blasting your head with hot air could prove so tricky?

Trend alert

Pixelated hair is the new balayage, apparently

Making way for a new trend: Xpresionpixel.

Livia Gamble   We know we’re in the digital age when pixels are being coloured into our hair.

On-screen styles

Epic on-screen 'impulse haircuts'

Keri Russell in Felicity.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Ahead, we celebrate the badass beauties who brandish their sassy short-haired (and no-haired) heads like a weapon.

This barber gives 'old-man haircuts' to children who misbehave


Kathleen Lee Joe   At your last straw with a kid that’s raising hell? This suburban barbershop has a way to sort them out for good.

Beauty taboo

How to get rid of ingrown hairs for good

"Everyone's familiar with the situation. In your quest to get ultra-smooth sphynxy skin for summer, you've somehow ended ...

Kathleen Lee Joe   Here are our top tips for dealing with those angry, bumpy jerks that sprout up along your bikini line …

Damn it, I forgot to feel bad about having curly hair

Stocksy woman curly hair red

Ali Benton   Sorry Dove but I'm not a self loathing curly haired person.

David Bowie

See 50 years of David Bowie hairstyles in one incredible GIF

David Bowie in 1974.

Kathleen Lee Joe   David Bowie has had quite a few ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes over the years, as summed up by this amazing GIF by UK-based illustrator Helen Green.

Foodie fashions

Bacon headbands actually exist, and we want one immediately


Emma Day   Thanks to a fake-food manufacturer's move into jewellery, you can now legitimately wear a full fry-up on your head.

Lorde for Stella

Lorde loses curls, says she feels badass in a suit, in British magazine

Lorde, 18, has appeared in British magazine, Stella.

Lorde's signature wild locks have been tamed for the cover of a British magazine.

Redheads are enjoying a modern-day renaissance

From the <i>Red Hot</i> exhibition at Sydney's Deutscher & Hackett gallery.

Claire Moulds    Claire Moulds has heard all the “ranga” jibes, but she’s rejoicing in the fact that redheads are finally cool.

Redheads rejoice!

The best beauty products for redheads

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 01:  Lily Cole attends The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party co-hosted by Brioni at The Serpentine ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Just because redheads account for only one to two per cent of the world's population doesn't mean they should be neglected. Enter the How To Be A Redhead blog.

Beauty news

Transgender model Lea T is breaking the beauty mould

beauty news

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The gorgeous Brazilian model has been made ‘the face’ of Redken’s Chromatic colour range.

Expert tips

How to achieve the perfect blow wave

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 15:  Blake Lively attends the "Mr Turner" premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on ...

Schwarzkopf’s national technical educator Grant Withnell shares his expert tips.

Head & shoulders

12 natural remedies to cure your dandruff


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Though filed away in that category of embarrassing beauty problems most people don’t like to talk about dandruff is actually very common.

Fade to blonde

What's the difference between ombre, sombre and balayage?

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 10:  Rihanna arrives at the The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards on February 10, 2013 in Los ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Trends come and go, but it looks like gradient hair is here to stay.

Effortless beauty

You basically don't have to do your hair at all to be on trend now

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 06:  Harley Viera-Newton attends the Prabal Gurung fashion show with TRESemme during ...

Michelle Hurley   Normcore reaches our tresses.

Girls on film

Are mean girls the only ones allowed good hair and outfits in Hollywood?

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 27:  Rosamund Pike at the "Gone Girl" Press Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on September ...

Lisa Armstrong   Rosamund Pike's Gone Girl bob: so sharp, it could be a murder weapon.

Frizz fest

Could frizzy hair be enjoying a renaissance?


Kathleen Lee-Joe   You know the old saying – you always want what you don’t have.

Pigtail resurgence

Can grown women wear pigtails?

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10:  A model walks the runway at Jeremy Scott during MADE Fashion Week Spring 2015 at Milk ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Like rompers and overalls, this particular look sits in that curious category of trends that are tricky to pull off past the age of 10.

Greying gracefully

How one in four women find their first grey hair by age 25

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 08: Sarah Harris is seen wearing a jacket from Lilly e Violetta and jeans from Paige on the ...

Katy Young   A new survey has revealed that 20 per cent of British women will find their first grey before they reach the age of 25, so it's no wonder growing old gracefully is becoming de rigeur.

Hair tutorial

Learn these three new hairstyles in time for the weekend


Christina Butcher   An easy step-by-step guide to magical new hair.

Oh boy

Forget the man bun, your boyfriend needs a man bob now

man bob

Rachel Clun   We've learned to love the man bun, thanks largely to Jared Leto and his ombre locks, but now it's time to accept the latest male hair trend: the man bob.

High brow

How to get your best brows ever

Gisele Pletzer

Lucy Corry   Good brows are a game-changer. They frame the face, define the eyes and generally make you look more awake. Here are a few of our favourite brow shapers.

DIY hair styling

How to master the DIY haircut

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08:  A model prepares backstage at the Libertine fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ...

Sandy Smith   When you can't wait to get to the salon for a trim or money is tight, is there anything wrong with taking to the scissors yourself?

Hair tutorial

Three beautiful new hairstyles and how to master them


Christina Butcher   An easy step-by-step guide to magical new hair.

The new bush?

Will we ever learn to love back hair?


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Could back have surpassed chest and pubic as the most political of body hairs?

Cult classic

When scrunchies actually work


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Reconsidering our position on the much-maligned hair adornment.