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Trend: The Light Show

Stephanie Darling   Stephanie Darling warms up (and calms down) with hot-stone therapy, and reveals a must-have cleanser.

Beauty beat

New York  NY   5 2 2016   Manus x Machina  Fashion in an Age of Technology Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the ...

Stephanie Darling   Stephanie Darling creates her very own lipstick and reveals winter's surprising "new nude" shade of nail polish.

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Darphin's Revitalizing Oil

Stephanie Darling   Stephanie Darling takes a trip to Tasmania to test drive a luxe facial and reveals a clever eyeliner tip.

Beauty beat

Luxe floral scents are always on trend for Mother's Day.

Stephanie Darling   Stephanie Darling picks four flower-powered fragrances for Mother's Day and has a facial treatment using her own blood.


Margot Robbie to front Calvin Klein campaign

Australian actress Margot Robbie.

The Australian actress will front the imagery for the soon to be launched women's perfume Deep Euphoria.

China's 'leftover women' are fighting back

Parental pressure is a large part of the "leftover women" problem.

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran   The pressure to marry is intense, but doubly so once your parents start calling you "leftover".

Fuzzy nails

Dare to don furry nail art?

The latest textured nail art trend: Furry coats for your fingertips. As seen at NYFW.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Like caviar and bubble nails that went before it, this textured trend is as deeply impractical as it is cool looking.

Party Pout

Molten metal lips are the latest trend to try

We’re looking to replicate Lupita’s cyber lip look.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   A look for Christmas parties, not just your Cosplay conventions.

Take Notes

What does a gender-free fragrance smell like?

Calvin Klein

Kathleen Lee-Joe   There are no defining factors to what we consider 'masculine' and 'feminine' scents, chemically speaking – everything is driven by beauty marketing.


Stop! #DogBuns are a health risk for your dog

Jared Leto, eat your heart out.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   ​Don't do it. Your puppy deserves better.

Brows That Wow

The new on-fleek brows


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Frida Kahlo. Cara Delevinge. That lady who goes by 'Mother of Dragons'. As far as we're concerned, strong women and strong brows go hand in hand.

Beauty For Bros

Do men really still need man-branded beauty products?

Embarrassed to use your ChapStick in public, guys? Thanks to Dude Stick, you no longer have to excuse yourself to apply ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Embarrassed to use your ChapStick in public, guys? Thanks to Dude Stick, you no longer have to excuse yourself to apply it in the bathroom!

Singular Scents

A beginner's guide to single note fragrances

Commodity Goods' refined simplicity is loved by many minimalistic beauty bloggers.

We know how our skin and body react to certain smells; what sits well on us, and what doesn't. Enter the world of single note fragrances.

Model Ability

This Aussie teen is challenging how we see disability and beauty

Madeline Stuart hopes modelling will change how society sees people with Down syndrome.

Brisbane girl Madeline Stuart has taken up modelling to change how society sees people with Down syndrome.

Split-dye hair

Would you dare to wear split-dyed hair?


Kathleen Lee-Joe   #SplitHair is now a thing. Ditch ombré in favour of Instagrammy two-tone tresses.


Korean cat ladies are getting illegal tattoos of their cats

Even better than immortalisation via meme.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Tattooing is illegal in South Korea, making this the cutest possible way to break the law.

Bizarro Beauty

The weird new beauty trend that is 'blurring'


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Makeup mavens! With these products, you too can look like a Monet.

Eight unexpected makeup trends that actually work IRL

A model sports a crescent moon face tattoo at Rodebjer fashion show in New York during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2015.

We probably won't try face-on-face painting, twirled moustaches or feathered nose adornments anytime soon, but these eight are definitely worth adopting.

NSFW eye makeup you may actually consider

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 05:  Korean-American model Soo Joo Park wears a men's Jil Sander shirt, Adidas shoes, Theyskens ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   After years of embracing ‘no makeup’ makeup, we’re finally getting something bigger and brighter for our buck.

Side flips

How to master the side flip

Queen of swooshy, side-swept hair, Meryl Streep.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Get down, flip it and reverse it with this timeless hairstyle.

Beauty Fads

Your skin doesn’t need to be put on a ‘diet’

MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 26:  A model gets her make-up done backstage ahead of the Blugirl show during the Milan Fashion ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The 5:2 skin diet is just another hype-driven scheme, urging women to overthink our beauty regimes instead of just doing what we feel is normal.

Fashion Month

8 unexpected makeup trends that actually work IRL

MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 26:  A model is seen backstage ahead of the Fendi show.  (Photo by Ewan McLuada/Getty Images)

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Thoroughly unique, subtly alluring, totally achievable makeup looks from Paris, Milan, London and New York.

Just Add Water

The hair trend every lazy girl can get behind

Models pose prior to the Stella McCartney show as part of Paris Fashion Week.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Wet ponytails have just been given the fist bump of approval by Stella McCartney.

Eighties Hair

Wait, is crimped hair cool again?

A model backstage ahead of Alberto Zambelli's show at Milan Fashion Week.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   You read that right. The ‘80s and ‘90s mainstay, beloved by Lizzie McGuire and vintage Tyra Banks, is making a comeback.

Puffy Eyes

Why Korean women are playing up their under-eye bulges

Seohyun of K-pop group Girls' Generation.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   They call it ‘aegyo-sal’, which roughly translates to ‘eye smiles’ or ‘cute, charming and winsome baby-eye fat’.

Global Beauty

Watch: This is what beauty looks like in 37 countries

A portrait taken outside the Labrang monastery, in Xiahe, China.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Though the mainstream media tends to promote a fairly homogenous look, ‘pretty’ differs wildly depending on where you are in the world.

100 years of Iranian beauty in onevideo

A modern-day take on Iranian beauty.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   A visual tour through the changing roles and rights of women in Iran.

Unisex beauty

6 beauty products borrowed from the boys

Though we wouldn't necessarily call our ex-boyfriends the best dudes in the world, at least they left us with one ...

They're simple, streamlined, do the job, and lack that cloyingly sweet scent so popular in women's. (Seriously, who wants their legs to smell like coconut and mango?) 

Urine therapy

Should you be putting urine on your face?

The fountain of youth looks to be a … urinal?

Kathleen Lee Joe   "It's urine therapy darling; it's not to be sniffed at."

Unicorn beards

2015 is year of the rainbow beard

2015 is year of the rainbow beard.

Kathleen Lee Joe   Wait until Jared Leto gets a load of this …

New in beauty

10 beauty products to try in 2015

Want to keep up with the beauty times? These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   These products are to 2015 what organic coconut oil was to 2014. Clear space in your medicine cabinet ...

Unnatural makeup

There’s much to love about unnatural makeup

Unnatural makeup.

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Women are constantly told that the key to wearing makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all – yet frankly, we think that’s a tad boring.

Gifting scents

How to buy fragrance for someone else

"Since memory is linked to smell, take a second to reflect upon what scents conjure up nice thoughts, then choose scents ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Buying perfume is pretty intimate business, but you needn’t be intimidated.

Beyonce beauty

Beyonce dropped a line of nail wraps inspired by Beyonce

HOUSTON, TX - JULY 15:  Entertainer Beyonce performs on stage during "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" at the Toyota ...

The queen of stealth does it again.

Pastel pits

Would you dye your pits bright blue?

Rain Sissel

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Or is pink more your style? Dyeing your armpit hair could just be the next big thing in beauty.

Full frontal beauty

The pornification of beauty language


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Apparently, post-coital skin is now the end goal of our beauty routines.

Advanced nail art

This Advanced Style nail art is simply the best


Kathleen Lee-Joe   We spotted the fancy mani over on Instagram and thought it too good not to share.

Beauty match-maker

Get face-matched with a beauty blogger


Kathleen Lee-Joe   This online search tool allows users to find beauty bloggers and vloggers who share similar features to themselves.

60 the new 20?

A shout out to the women changing the beauty industry

helen mirren

Gone are the days when actress Isabella Rossellini was dropped by Lancome at age 40, reportedly for being too old.

TV nails

Nails inspired by OITNB, Broad City and more

CANNES, FRANCE - APRIL 07:  (L to R) Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson pose during the photocall of 'Broad City' at MIPTV ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Combining our two favourite things.

Micro fringes

Can anyone pull off micro bangs?

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 17:  Beyonce sighting at Harry's Bar in Mayfair on October 17, 2014 in London, England.  ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   There was a phase in the ‘90s where everyone wanted bangs like Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice – choppy, slicked and super short. Of course, it took a face like Winona’s to pull them off. We didn’t realise this until the damage had already been done.

TV style icons

Which Twin Peaks character is your style match?

Audrey Horne

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Beyond the cinematography and David Lynch’s trippy meta-narratives, the thing that had us spellbound was Twin Peak’s femme fatales and their retro-kitsch style.

Pigtail resurgence

Can grown women wear pigtails?

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10:  A model walks the runway at Jeremy Scott during MADE Fashion Week Spring 2015 at Milk ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Like rompers and overalls, this particular look sits in that curious category of trends that are tricky to pull off past the age of 10.

Organic beauty

Why organic skincare may not be better for you

organic skincare

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Going organic certainly sounds more holistic and Goop-approved, but are the products as effective as their mainstream counterparts? And what exactly makes a product organic anyway?

Competitive beauty

What exactly goes on at the Nail Art Olympics?

nail art

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The Nail Olympics (‘Nailympia’) happened in London last week. And we think we just died and went to nail-art heaven.

French beauties

25 French beauty icons to make your muse

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 26:  Marion Cotillard attends the Christian Dior  show as part of the Paris Fashion Week ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   We raise our Champers to the Gallic gals doing effortless Franco-sophistication in 2014. (And yes, the list goes beyond Jane Birkin’s daughters.)

Beauty nostalgia

Which beauty products make you feel nostalgic?

Kate Moss

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Return to a period when half-up, half-down hairstyles fixed with a thousand claw clips, cloyingly sweet vanilla-scented body spray and multiple shades of mascara were the height of sophistication.

Runway to reality

15 Fashion Week beauty trends that work IRL

Ralph Rucci

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Sure, it’s exciting to see faux freckles, powder-blue brows and words spelt out with hair on the runway – but those looks probably aren’t going to work for Sunday brunch or that Monday morning meeting.

Botox warning

Botox may 'stunt emotional growth' in young people


Catherine Rodie   Clinical practitioners in the UK have warned that Botox may 'stunt emotional growth' in young people.

Oh boy

Forget the man bun, your boyfriend needs a man bob now

man bob

Rachel Clun   We've learned to love the man bun, thanks largely to Jared Leto and his ombre locks, but now it's time to accept the latest male hair trend: the man bob.

High brow

How to get your best brows ever

Gisele Pletzer

Lucy Corry   Good brows are a game-changer. They frame the face, define the eyes and generally make you look more awake. Here are a few of our favourite brow shapers.

Gluten-free beauty

Are gluten-free beauty products only for the gullible?


Kathleen Lee-Joe   There may be more to a gluten-free lifestyle than just cutting bread out of your diet.

Cult classic

When scrunchies actually work


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Reconsidering our position on the much-maligned hair adornment.

Lupita's way

Lupita Nyong'o's beauty tips for dark skin and natural hair

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 15:  Lupita Nyong'o attends the Calvin Klein Party at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   And despite looking stunningly, shiningly, well-put-together on the regular, her approach to beauty is refreshingly low-maintenance.

Futuristic beauty

Could electronic make-up be the future of beauty?

Electronic make-up

Rachel Clun   Virtual makeup and 3D printed eye-shadow. It has to be seen to be believed.

Must-watch beauty

The only beauty tutorials you need to watch on YouTube

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 08:  A model get makeup applied backstage during the Harbison presentation during MADE Fashion ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Anyone with a laptop, internet connection and face can make a YouTube beauty tutorial, but these keen vloggers have well and truly earned their clicks.

Beauty secrets

How to master this Korean beauty secret

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - APRIL 10:  Soo-Young of Girls' Generation poses for photographs during the Raum flagship store ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   Watch Korean dramas or tune into SBS PopAsia on any given Sunday morning and you’ll know the look I’m talking about.


Would you ditch shampoo for good?

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - AUGUST 05:  A model poses on the catwalk for Danish designer Veronica B Vallenes during Copenhagen ...

Cathy Bussey   Welcome to the 'no poo' movement, you guys.

Trend alert

Japan's delicious new beauty trend: sushi nail art


Kathleen Lee-Joe   Try not to eat your fingers while wearing these yummy-looking nail art designs.

Beauty horrors

When contouring goes horribly wrong

MIAMI BEACH, FL - MARCH 12:  Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian attend the Grand Opening of DASH ...

Kathleen Lee-Joe   The art of contouring is some complicated beauty business.