High brow

How to get your best brows ever

Gisele Pletzer

Good brows are a game changer. Here are a few of our favourite brow shapers.

Hair tutorial

Three beautiful new hairstyles and how to master them


Here's an easy step-by-step guide to magical new hair.

Cult classic

When scrunchies actually work


Reconsidering our position on the much-maligned hair adornment.

Gluten-free beauty

Gluten-free beauty: only for the gullible?


There may be more to a gluten-free lifestyle than just cutting bread out of your diet.

The new bush?

Will we ever learn to love back hair?


Could back have surpassed chest and pubic as the most political of body hairs?

Soak it up

Your guide to taking a (proper) bath


With dimmed lights, your most zen playlist and these relaxing do-it-yourself soaks, you’ll soon emerge a relaxed, delicately scented, better you.


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