Summer Cuts

How to get the haircut you want

Feeling inspired by Gigi's new bob? Six steps to that beauty holy grail, the perfect haircut.

Curly Hair, Don't Care

How to fight the frizz this summer

Curly hair is complicated, and record heat and humidity calls for a whole new plan of attack.

Sweater Nails

How to paint tiny cable knit sweaters on your nails

Even in the scorching temps, you can live out your ugly Christmas sweater party dreams.

Spray 'N' Go

Spay-on nail polish is now a thing

Throw away your bottles of lacquer, because the future is now.

Designer Beauty

Why is expensive makeup so expensive?

How many luxury beauty products are truly worth their weight in rubies? Is YSL's Touché ´Eclat pen actually superior to the click 'n' go concealer you picked up from Priceline?

Spring Racing

How to make your makeup melt-proof

Want to stop your makeup from heading south as the sun goes down? Abide by these tips – just in time for Spring Racing season.

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Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue

Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun shot dead after killing four rabbis, the deadliest such incident in six years in the holy city. 00:55